Breaking – Risser clarification of Secretary of State statement

A statement just released from State Senator Fred Risser clarifies any rumor that Risser would support a Constitutional Amendment eliminating the Office of Secretary of State, or further weakening said office.  A portion of the statement reads:

“To suggest that I am leading the movement to do away with the office is misleading and simply inaccurate.” Risser concluded.

Last session, a similar proposal (2009 Senate Joint Resolution 26) was referred to Senator Risser’s committee for consideration. That proposal was not reported out.

Link to the full statement here – Risser Statement on Sec State Amendment .



Holperin, Wirch Victories shift momentum…Walker hears footsteps

Jim Holperin and Bob Wirch held their seats in overwhelming fashion Tuesday night. The unofficial results from tonight’s recall election, combined with the unofficial results of the recall on the 9th, send a clear signal to Scott Walker and the GOP – the people will govern, not corporate interests or political greed. It is a message that needs to be heard not only in Wisconsin and America, but the world.

Totaling the votes in all nine races, GOP candidates received (as of this writing, 8 precincts in Florence County were still unreported) 229,235 votes. Democratic candidates received 231,138 – again with 8 precincts unreported. While this is a small margin, it rebukes any claim from Scott Walker that these elections validate his policies and  actions. On the contrary, Democrats took away two seats in historically Conservative districts, and have shifted the political momentum going into the fall. Holperin easily carried Vilas county – traditionally conservative, and received a full 60% of the vote in Lincoln county. Wirch won by a near landslide margin, garnering 58% of the vote. Both candidates appear to be on the way to double-digit victories. In addition, Democrats gained votes in each race over the previous general election, while the GOP lost ground.

A recall of Scott Walker appears to be imminent. The only question remaining is perhaps the most critical – when? While there is an air of immediacy blowing throughout the Badger State, there are valid concerns with timing a petition drive in the late fall. There is one certainty in response to those questions. The recall of Scott Walker will happen organically, driven by the people who made this recall session a success – the grassroots, passionate, working, progressive, Democratic, truly patriotic people of Wisconsin. We have to, and will be ready to meet this enormous task. Powered by this energy, we can change the course of politics away from Corporatic, and back to Democratic. On, Wisconsin!