Scott Walker has Failed Wisconsin…part 1

Seven months into Scott Walker’s term as Governor, and there is one perfectly clear fact – he has failed Wisconsin. Despite the Walker machine spin doctors, whose script the media follows as it were carved in stone; Walker’s programs will do more to set back Progressive Wisconsin in his first year than anyone thought possible. The middle class will continue to erode; sustainable, well-paying jobs will be replaced, necessary services will disappear or be privatized, public education will be defunded to the point of obsolescence, and access to wealth and prosperity will be available to fewer and fewer people. As the media fails to report the truth and facts about the Corporatic takeover of Wisconsin (and the nation), it falls to those of us in the alternative media to attempt (in some small way) to fill the void. The facts are clear, the economic reality is clear – under Scott Walker and the current GOP leadership, Wisconsin is on a course parallel with that of any governmental unit that practices these economic and social policies. High unemployment, low wage jobs with no stability or security, little or no social safety net, and two classes – the very wealthy, and the working poor. Yet the historic facts are not only overlooked, they are lied about. Lower taxes for corporations and the wealthy have never produced more jobs. Many of the “deficit crises” we are facing have been manufactured by the very people who stand to benefit from them. The list goes on, and on, and on.

It is time for Progressives to take the message to the people of Wisconsin. The media are sitting this one out, and conservative propaganda has owned the message (take the “Prosser vindicated” chatter before the entire report was even released). Wisconsin mainstream media is beginning to portray Scott Walker as a moderate, reasonable and benevolent  Governor (he just wanted to give municipalities the “tools” they needed to balance their budgets). This is a complete fallacy – Wisconsinites deserve the truth, and as Progressives, it is our obligation to shine the light of day on these dark times. In that spirit, Badger Democracy today begins a series of blogs titled “Scott Walker has Failed Wisconsin.” Each posting will address a specific Walker agenda item, expose the lie behind the propaganda presented to media and the public, and the failure to the People of Wisconsin it represents. It is the hope of this writer that each item can be consolidated and shared widely, to take the message to the people in preparation for the imminent recall of Scott Walker. These are messages we can own, and put Scott Walker and the entire Corporatist movement on the defensive – responding to Progressive terms and values.

Badger Democracy encourages participation in this process, and welcomes questions or suggestions on topics – we are all in this together. The following topics are currently in the loop:

Public Education – Scott Walker has failed in the theft of funds from K-12 public education under the pretense of balancing the state budget, the effects on educational outcomes, children’s welfare and performance in public schools, Districts financial stability in future years, and teachers ability to be an active participant in establishing educational policy. All these items are deluded by lies and propaganda surrounding the “benefits” of Act 10, which by all accurate accounts are few, and temporary.

Healthcare, especially for Seniors, Children, Women, and at-risk populations – Scott Walker has failed to sustain availability to low-cost, necessary healthcare for our most vulnerable populations. He is on track to place Wisconsin’s healthcare program in the hands of a commission which is tied to corporate and big-med lobbies, who will make millions by privatizing any aspect of the healthcare system made available to them. He has distorted a study commissioned by the Doyle Administration, prepared by Jonathan Gruber (MIT, an expert in healthcare economics), to the point where Gruber was omitted from the press release, and facts about the benefits of Obamacare to Wisconsin were completely ignored to further Walker’s agenda. This will never be reported by the mainstream media, and the propaganda machine rolls on…

Wisconsin’s fiscal reality before, during, and after Scott Walker – Wisconsin was no more in a budget “crisis” when Scott Walker took office than under Jim Doyle. In fact, Legislative Fiscal Bureau updated information show that Scott Walker not only exaggerated the “crisis,” he exacerbated it with his first action – tax breaks and incentives for the wealthy and corporations, creating a greater revenue gap. Scott Walker’s policies will fail to produce the necessary secure, good paying, family supporting jobs Wisconsin needs. His economic policies in fact “kick the can” down the road more than any other previous Governor, which could lead to a real debt crisis for Wisconsin – one Walker himself has created. Scott Walker’s policies will leave Wisconsin (long after he is gone) revenue-short, jobless, further in debt, and without a strong middle class. This is a message that moderates and swing voters need to hear – Walker’s economic policies are, and will, fail Wisconsin.

Collective Bargaining, Unions, and ALL Working Families – This has been the source of the greatest propaganda drive on behalf of Scott Walker. The fact is, collective bargaining, strong unions, and worker participation in the workplace have proven benefits to safety, productivity, the economy, and wage/workplace equality. The decline of these ideas have had a research-proven, negative impact on the earning power, wages of the middle class. As these rights (as recognized by the United Nations Human Rights Commission) have eroded, so have the conditions of the middle class, leading to a swifter rise of plutocracy. The Corporatists have created a demonized class of workers – pitting worker against worker. We must end this and come together, taking a stand against the true enemy – Corporate takeover of our economy and political system. The facts will counter this propaganda, and we will own this message.

Specific points will be addressed in detail in coming weeks, under the heading “Scott Walker has Failed Wisconsin.”  You are invited to participate, share, create a dialog, and spread the message. This movement started with the people, and we the people will have to carry it forward on foot, email, Facebook, twitter, phone, whatever means necessary. We stand together for Wisconsin and its future.