If you are looking for resources to explore the science behind framing and messaging, look no further:

Wisconsin Freedom Campaign:

Neural and Cognitive Power (Powerpoint – excellent, understandable overview of framing and science)


George Lakoff:

George Lakoff Blog (videos, audio, books, commentary)

Rockridge Institute Resource Center

“Whose Freedom?” (PDF)


Antonio Damasio (USC Faculty page) :

“Descartes’ Error” Abstract

“Descartes’ Error”(PDF)

Videos: “This Time With Feeling” (Aspen Ideas Festival 2009), “The Quest to Understand Consciousness” (TED Talk, 2011)


Giacomo Rizzolatti:

Video: “Mirror Neurons” (University of Idaho/NSF Interviews 2011)


Charles Fillmore:

“What Does Text Complexity Mean for English Learners and Language Minority Students?” (w/Lilly Wong Fillmore)

Regularity and Idiomaticity in Grammatical Constructions (w/Paul Kay, Mary Catherine O’Connor, Language 1988)


More on “Mirror Neurons”:

“The Human Mirror Neuron System and Embodied Representations” (Lisa Aziz-Zadeh, Richard B. Ivry, UC-Berkeley 2009)

“Single Neuron Responses in Humans During Execution and Observation of Action” (Mukamel, Ekstrom, Kaplan, Iacoboni, Fried, Current Biology 2010)


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