Time for Wisconsin Progressives to get to work…again

A short time ago, the AP called the election for Barack Obama, and Tammy Baldwin – with Wisconsin leading the way. Earlier today, Badger Democracy posted predictions and commentary on the state races. Fortunately, I was correct on the Obama/Baldwin win. Unfortunately, I was also correct in saying the GOP would take back the State Senate. It appears Wisconsin will be controlled at the state level by a very conservative GOP led by Scott Walker.

We should take the next 24 hours to celebrate. As Wisconsin progressives, we have led the way in re-electing Barack Obama, and sending Tammy Baldwin to the US Senate. After the celebration, we have along road ahead of us. The recent redistricting has assured an uphill climb for the next decade to maintain a balance in the State Legislature.

More importantly, as progressives, it is time to change the way messaging and campaigns are run at the state level. The Democratic Party, on the whole, has been beaten badly in that regard over the last 18 months – and appears not to have learned from its mistakes. It is time to remedy this as progressives, and again lead the way to change the way we communicate our values and our message – because what is being done now is not working.

The election is over. The campaign for a progressive Wisconsin is in its infancy. See you in the trenches…





5 thoughts on “Time for Wisconsin Progressives to get to work…again

  1. How can the state go so solidly for Obama and Liberal Tammy Baldwin while our state races are again in shambles?
    It would seem that the national candidates have found the key to the state but the state leadership has not.
    Local races are a confused mess with fake candidates and misplaced priorities and a state leadership that only wants to get involved if someone objects.

  2. We do have a hard job ahead. We were concerned about the presidential, senate and congressional elections, but didn’t concentrate on state races. We also need to have new faces running against people like Scott Walker. The problem with the recall was we dusted off the same old faces, and expected voters to get excited. Kathleen Falk and Tom Barrett may be nice people, but they have lost most of their races previously. We Democrats need to regroup and work twice as hard starting NOW to prepare for future state races.

  3. Even before 2014, we have to find someone to defeat Pat Roggensack NEXT SPRING to return the State Supreme Court to a place of reason instead of politics.

  4. We start by bringing in new leadership that will work on long term candidate recruitment and closing the loop hole that is allowing non-Dem candidates by allowing committee and state endorsements based on adherence to the party platforms.
    We can also stop enabling this by rewarding these fake Dems with party funds and campaign support.
    In the 25th AD fake Dem Jim Brey was given funds and a campaign aid while he was rejecting almost every party plank in the platform – supporting Act 10, anti choice, pro mining bill, anti marriage rights…. etc..
    Despite that Brey did not even win the city of Manitowoc but Obama and Baldwin did!

    Meanwhile in the 2nd AD Progressive Larry Pruess got nothing and won the city of Two Rivers easily!

    With political strategies like that its easy to see why the current leadership is failing.

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