Americans for Prosperity will pay for your gas…for votes??

A post on the Americans for Prosperity Wisconsin website today claims the partisan, conservative organization will pay for people’s gas. The publicity stunt walks a fine campaign finance law line over a highly politicized topic – gas prices. From the AFP website:

When President Obama took office in January 2009, gas cost just $1.84 per gallon…To help relieve the pain at the pump and show Wisconsinites that there is a better way, AFP-Wisconsin will be paying the difference for you Tuesday, October 30th from 11am to 3pm at the Mount View Mobil Station (County Road NN exit on I-39) in Wausau.


AFP is directly linked to David and Charles Koch of Koch Industries, staunch supporters of Mitt Romney and ultra-conservative candidates nationwide. The Koch brothers started AFP, and continue to be the organizations’ largest financial supporters. From a 2009 interview of David Koch (the Washington Independent):

“Five years ago my brother Charles and I provided the funds to start the Americans for Prosperity. And it’s beyond my wildest dreams how the AFP has grown into this enormous organization.”

Koch Industries has recently been criticized for mailing letters to 45,000 Georgia Pacific employeesthreatening financial and employment consequences if Mitt Romney is not elected president.

Charles Koch penned an op-ed criticizing President Obama that was included in the mailing sent to all 45,000 employees of Koch Industries’ Georgia-Pacific subsidiary. The packet included a flyer with a list of candidates supported by Koch companies or its political action committee KOCHPAC. Mitt Romney tops the list. It also included an op-ed by Charles Koch slamming President Obama and one by David Koch praising Romney.

The AFP statement uses language that sounds strikingly familiar to Romney campaign ads:

President Obama’s failing agenda has had a disastrous effect on the pocketbooks of Wisconsin families for almost four yearsBy reminding drivers how different things were just a few short years ago, we can continue to show folks that by embracing energy independence and economic freedom, we can get America back on track.”

AFP hides behind its non-profit, “non-partisan” status to avoid prosecution for violation of campaign finance laws. It is claiming to merely be “educating” voters on issues.

On the contrary, this is an overt attempt to campaign for Mitt Romney at the pump – and pay for 300 votes at $1.84 a gallon…priceless propaganda.



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