Is this the beginning…of the end for Scott Walker?

Multiple media outlets are reporting that former Walker Deputy Chief of Staff Kelly Rindfleisch has reached a tentative plea agreement with prosecutors in the Milwaukee County John Doe Investigation.

The plea hearing has been scheduled at 1:30pm in Milwaukee County Circuit Court this Thursday, five days before Scott Walker was scheduled to appear as a witness for the defense.

Facing four felony campaign fraud counts, the 43 year-old Rindfleisch is very likely ready to cut a deal to save herself possible jail time. One of the only avenues she has to a plea deal is to implicate a superior, who would have been instructing her and have full knowledge of her activities. As Deputy Chief of Staff, there are very few people who fall into that category – one being Scott Walker.

One other former Walker aide has already reached a plea agreement – Darlene Wink. That makes two former high level aides to Walker making a deal…and probably talking to save themselves.

Stay tuned as the investigation continues to get closer and closer…



3 thoughts on “Is this the beginning…of the end for Scott Walker?

  1. Nope, she’s taking a bullet for the team. What else has she got? Single, middle aged, no kids, life long sycophant to the fascist right wing of WI politics. Her lawyer squawked and the dues will be paid all around. The story of Kelly is over. That’s my prediction.

    • Kelly wanted to swim with sharks, now either outcome, she ends up as fish food. She’s probably praying it’s not literally but thinks instead she’ll be ok swimming up the river for SW. Whether she’s packed in water, salt or oil, eventually tossed out of the cellar, after her best used by date.

  2. Don’t get too excited. Now they may really have something. But the game’s not over. In this chess game, my guess is she’ll finger Cullen Werwie, who already has immunity. Walker’s sharks know how to make a deal come down. My only hope is that with each case, a few more pawns give it up and more dots get connected. Ones that squeeze Walker and his higher ups. Wouldn’t it be sweet to see this go seriously upchain?

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