Milwaukee DA – Checkmate to Scott Walker in John Doe

Breaking – Scott Walker has been served a subpoena through his attorney Michael Steinle. Walker has been called by Rindfleisch’s defense to testify. It has been reported that Rindfleisch has been cooperating with prosecutors. Walker was originally called as a prosecution witness, but was released and then called by the defense.Walker is being called to testify in the misconduct trial against one of his former Milwaukee County aides, Kelly Rindfleisch.

Walker is scheduled to testify on Tuesday, October 16.


County personnel records have shown that Walker was personally responsible for hiring Rindfleisch when he was Milwaukee County Executive. Rindfleisch stands accused of conducting  campaign activities while serving as Deputy Chief of Staff to Scott Walker, just steps down the hall through a secret computer server system.

The investigation has recently expanded to encompass current Walker Administration communications at the State Capitol, including former Walker Chief of Staff Keith Gilkes.

Milwaukee County DA John Chisolm and his investigators have placed Walker in checkmate. Walker must either testify under oath and perjure himself by denying any knowledge of the overt illegal campaign activities, or plead his fifth amendment right against self-incrimination. It would appear the sources quietly hinting that Walker is the likely John Doe target are accurate.

Those predicting an indictment by the end of the year may be closer than they thought. Stay tuned…

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