About the latest employment numbers, Governor Walker…how’s austerity working?

Scott Walker was quick to take credit for continued modest gains in employment after the latest quarterly numbers were released (QCEW) on Thursday. From Walker’s weekly radio address:

The fiscal reforms we put in place coupled with reforms like reducing frivolous lawsuits and bringing certainty and accountability to state regulations, have established a strong foundation for job growth.

Walker has also been quick to blame Barack Obama and the national economy for Wisconsin’s lag in job growth:

“While Wisconsin still faces the challenges of a stagnant national economy, Governor Walker’s upcoming budget will focus on creating jobs, and growing the state’s economy.”

Wisconsin continues to lag far behind most of the nation in job growth, a pathetic 38th overall. Growth was virtually non-existent at 1.22%, 45th in rate of growth (image courtesy Milwaukee Journal Sentinel):

The US and most Midwestern states saw growth around 2% for the same time period. Walker is taking credit where no credit is due. In fact, his austerity measures targeting public employees have been a large reason Wisconsin is lagging in job growth. The austerity measures in place in Wisconsin have resulted in a real tax increase and burden on the middle class. Less income for a majority of Wisconsinites means less revenue, and slower growth.

The data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is proof positive that any employment growth in Wisconsin is largely due to the direction of the overall national economy. And that the policies of Scott Walker are holding us back.

Given the long-term nature of employment growth or loss, let’s go back to 2002 for the 10-year trend.

Wisconsin 2002-2012 QCEW report (full spreadsheet linked)

March 2002 – 2,639,035

March 2007 – 2,728,963

March 2010 – 2,568,348

March 2012 – 2,638,987

Wisconsin is barely back to 2002 employment levels. That is not the case nationally. Scott Walker’s austerity measures have had a direct short-term impact (negative) on employment. The national numbers show that Walker is riding the coat tails of a modestly growing national labor economy:

US QCEW 2002-2012 (full spreadsheet linked):

March 2002 – 127,303,773

March 2007 – 134,280,105

March 2010 – 126,228,228

March 2012 – 130,175,438

Notice the trend there? The difference is that the national (and most other states’) economies are outpacing Wisconsin, significantly exceeding 2002 levels.

Three graphs, displayed on the linked Employment PDF Graphs here, demonstrate the commonality in the overall employment trend – with Wisconsin lagging in growth from 2010-2012, as the above data indicates. Walker’s continual politicization of the employment data has made matters worse, pursuing ideological agenda over real bi-partisan economic policies.

Austerity is a job killer. Period. Forget “regulation” or “uncertainty”, all of which are corporate conservative propaganda. The real damper on job creation can be found in the policy manuals of Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, and Mitt Romney.

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