Breaking News : Van Hollen asks Supreme Court to act on Voter ID…again

Breaking News: Wisconsin Attorney General JB Van Hollen has asked the Wisconsin State Supreme Court to immediately bypass the Court of Appeals in two cases, and take up the controversial Voter ID legislation, now on hold in two Dane County Circuit Court cases. The law was put on hold by Judges Flanagan and Niess, and is pending in two separate Appellate cases.

The AG’s motion seeks to consolidate the two cases in the Supreme Court; and would have the State Supreme Court bypass the cases pending in the Courts of Appeals. In a statement, AG Van Hollen makes clear his motivation for the motions filed today:

My action today, now allowed under the Court’s rules of procedure, gives the Wisconsin Supreme Court another opportunity to bring prompt, clear resolution to the law and settle this matter in advance of the November elections.

In April, the state’s high court refused to take up the Voter ID issue, in a brief, single sentence denial of the motion; in advance of the May and June recall elections. This is Van Hollen’s second attempt to have the Court bypass the Appeals Court hearings.

There are currently two Federal cases pending on the Voter ID law – Bettye Jones, et al. v. David G. Deininger, et al., Case No. 12-CV-185, and Ruthelle Frank, et al. v. Scott Walker, et al., Case No. 11-CV-1128. Trial dates are pending for those cases.

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