New Job Numbers and Paul Ryan – Fiscal Fraud, Moral Hypocrisy

Paul Ryan is being characterized by Republicans and main stream media alike as a “serious, wonkish, economic whiz kid.” He is the quintessential conservative; saviour of capitalism and the free market. Even Democratic pundits and politicians are saying “he’s a good guy”. Here’s something you won’t hear in the mainstream media – the disciple of Ayn Rand is an economic fraud. Moreover, he’s a hypocrite. Ryan recently denied following the philosophy of Ayn Rand, in spite of his own words and actions showing he wholly embraces Rand’s worldview.

The most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data indicates that the 1st Congressional District continues to suffer under policies Ryan has supported since taking office in 1999. In-depth analyses of the Ryan Budget prove it would make a bad situation worse.

The data released today from the BLS was more bad news for the Walker Administration, and DWD Secretary Reggie Newson wasted no time refuting and spinning the data.   The bottom line – Wisconsin’s job “growth” continues to be anemic (that for another day). Badger Democracy wanted to present the data on Ryan’s district with a statistical measure accepted by the Walker Administration. In this case, using the “Local Area Unemployment Statistics” (LAUS) which Newson accepts per his press release today.

For the record – Paul Ryan began serving the 1st CD in 1999. Since then, the nation has experienced 8 years of Bush fiscal policies; for which Ryan has been a staunch advocate. It could be said the Ryan Budget is Bush fiscal policy on steroids – massive cuts in government spending, privatizing of Medicare, cuts to Medicaid, lower taxes on the top-tier earners, corporate rate cuts…how has that policy been working in Ryan’s home district?

Badger Democracy retrieved data from the BLS today, August 16, from the LAUS for key areas in Ryan’s District – Janesville, Kenosha County, Racine County, and Walworth County; from January 1999 – June 2012. The results are available in pdf format here : Bureau of Labor Statistics Data 1999-2012

Unemployment Rate:

Kenosha County – January 1999 – 3.8%     June 2012 – 8.6%

Racine County – January 1999 – 5.5%        June 2012 – 9.2%

Walworth County – January 1999 – 3.1%   June 2012 – 7.8%

City of Janesville – January 1999 – 3.8%    June 2012 – 9.9%

Unemployment (number of persons):

Kenosha County – January 1999 – 3,121     June 2012 – 7,528

Racine County – January 1999 – 5,089        June 2012 – 9,222

Walworth County – January 1999 – 1,625   June 2012 – 4,341

City of Janesville – January 1999 – 1,249    June 2012 – 3,212

Even in contrast to 2007, just prior to the economic crash, as in Wisconsin, Ryan’s district shows virtually zero growth in jobs. The real nature of the jobs crisis resulting from conservative fiscal policy is evident in the employment and labor force data.

Employment (number of persons):

Kenosha County – January 1999 – 79,320     June 2012 – 80,159

Racine County – January 1999 – 87,971        June 2012 – 90,898

Walworth County – January 1999 – 50,490   June 2012 – 51,173

City of Janesville – January 1999 – 31,478    June 2012 – 29,096

Labor Force (number of persons):

Kenosha County – January 1999 – 82,441     June 2012 – 87,687

Racine County – January 1999 – 93,060        June 2012 – 100,120

Walworth County – January 1999 – 52,115   June 2012 – 55,514

City of Janesville – January 1999 – 32,727    June 2012 – 32,308

Again, even in terms of 2007-2012, the creation of jobs does not keep up with population OR labor force growth in Wisconsin, and more specifically dramatic, Ryan’s District. Despite the claims of conservative ideologues Paul Ryan and Scott Walker – their fiscal policies are simply a fraud. They also demonstrate a gross hypocrisy in being accepted as “fiscally responsible.” To wit:

1. Ryan cuts $4.6 trillion in revenue, in tax breaks amounting to $240,000/year to the average 1%er. He makes this “revenue neutral” through “undisclosed closed loopholes.” In addition, a minimum of 14 million people would lose Medicaid coverage due to cuts as a “cost-saving” measure.

2. Ryan has been a vocal critic of monetary policy and government intervention in the bond market, sounding the alarm of inflation. He couldn’t be more wrong. Inflation has been kept in check throughout the recession and both Commodity Index and Treasury Bond rates are stable, if not declining.

3. Ryan’s budget plan projects a fantasy in discretionary spending, according to the Congressional Budget Office. All discretionary spending, now around 12 percent of GDP, shrinks to 3 percent of GDP by 2050. Defense spending alone was 4.7 percent of GDP in 2009. Paul Krugman summarizes it best…”This is just a fantasy, not a serious policy proposal.”

Paul Ryan himself recently admitted on FOX  that he hasn’t actually “crunched the numbers.”  Krugman and others have, and the facts demonstrate the fraud being perpetuated by Ryan, Walker, and their ilk. This is about power, ideology, and political expediency – thus Ryan’s sudden public rejection of Ayn Rand’s philosophy after being tapped for Romney’s VP pick.

Budgets are moral documents. Ryan’s budget tells us all we need to know about him. He doesn’t care about the people he actually represents. He is not a “good guy.” He is a bad man, who chooses fraudulent, hypocritical policies over responsible governance.

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