The Milwaukee County John Doe investigation …headed to Madison?

Note – Updated to include a comment from the Walker Administration at the end of the article.

In an interview with WTDY’s Dylan Brogan this morning, “No Quarter” reporter for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Dan Bice reported hearing rumor (unconfirmed) that the John Doe Investigation is moving some of its focus to Madison – and state government.

The most obvious connection to Walker staffers in Milwaukee County and current Walker staff in Madison is obvious – the possibility that campaigning is being conducted on the taxpayer dime. Recent emails from high level Walker staff regarding the mining bill drafting process may confirm that this type of activity is occurring, and thus confirm Bice’s “unconfirmed rumors.”

An email from then – Walker Chief of Staff Keith Gilkes pgs 11-12 of the document) on January 30, 2011 from his Champion Group email to his new government email account references campaign fundraising to a lobbyist for Gogebic Taconite.

The email is follow-up on contact information for Marc Holtzman, a well-known GOP and conservative supporter and politician from Colorado, as well as Larry Wolk. Wolk is head of “Correctional Healthcare Companies,” heavily involved in nationwide privatization of state correctional facilities’ healthcare systems.

The email from Wolk to  lobbyist Rogowski, then forwarded to Gilkes, refers to “Scott and Keith” (Walker and Gilkes, respectively), and states:

“Hopefully he will be interested in helping and/or contributing to Scott’s campaign…let me know if you hear anything more from Milwaukee County and anything else we can do to help.”

On September 30, 2011 Gilkes resigned as Walker Chief of Staff and took a “lead job” with Friends of Scott Walker.

The John Doe is far from over – it certainly appears likely that the investigation has indeed moved into state government and the Walker administration.

Update : Late Wednesday afternoon Badger Democracy received a phone call from Governor Walker’s office in response to request for comment on this information. A Walker spokesperson stated, “Governor Walker is not able to comment as to ongoing investigations.”

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4 thoughts on “The Milwaukee County John Doe investigation …headed to Madison?

  1. Dan Bice’s position as the “official” avenue to all things about the John Doe proceedings is rather suspect… isn’t he a Journal Comunications employee, after all? Don’ they hire people like Charlie Sykes?
    These people, like Scott Walker and Keith Gilkes and Tim Russell, live in their own little political world, regardless of whether it happens to include Wisconsin state or U.S. federal laws.
    Russell has been able to string along his trial forever, going through five lawyers now, the latest one needing until December to be caught up to speed with all the dumpster loads of evidence against him. This is a ploy to tarnish his whole trial and drag on the hearings.
    As far as charges about when he’s in State office, bring it on!
    I guess my overall point is why is this whole process taking so long…

  2. TMJ corp. is a right wing rag who’s entire t.v., radio and newsprint divisions are packed to the rafters with right wing nutjobs doing all they can to make sure fascists are running this state. I suspect Bice knows there is nothing there but he will lead progressives down his empty road. To what ends I don’t know, The paper is filthy, everyone there is a dog.

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