Scott Walker – prove you want to “work together”…

One of the first things out of Scott Walker’s victory speech on Tuesday night was a pledge to “work together to move Wisconsin forward.” Never mind the true meaning of the word “forward” is lost on Walker…

The Wisconsin State Senate is now controlled by the Democratic caucus, with the presumptive election of John Lehman to unseat Van Waangard in a Senatorial recall election in Racine. Dems will control the Senate by a 17-16 margin after the GAB certifies the election.

A challenge to Scott Walker. Badger Democracy has just received the aggregated jobs data(through open records request from DWD) from the 4th quarter of 2011 – the numbers Walker claims to “prove” his success in job growth; and which are highly disputed. The full report on those numbers will be published in the next 48 hours after they are reviewed and analyzed by enlisted experts. At first glance, it is apparent that the Walker Administration held back the release of information until AFTER the election for a reason. For Scott Walker to claim these numbers are a success is a new definition of “success.”

Meanwhile – the challenge. Scott Walker, if you are serious about your pledge to “work together” to put Wisconsinites back to work, call a Special Session NOW. After your gubernatorial brat and gloat fest, bring both parties together and actually work across the aisle to create real jobs. My understanding is the Democratic Senators have some very viable solutions.

This could be a first – for you to actually act in a manner consistent with what you say.

We’re all waiting.


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