CCAP Records show Dr.Gillick’s claim may still have merit, despite Daily Kos article

A quick review…late last night, a Wisconsin Citizens Media Co-Op article told Dr. Bernadette Gillick’s story of her friend “Ruth” – who allegedly had a child with Scott Walker while they were students at Marquette University.

At 3:15am, someone posted a comment to that article, claiming to be Milwaukee Journal Sentinel “No Quarter” columnist Dan Bice. This comment was posted as part of a Daily Kos entry, questioning the validity of the claim:

“I am getting a lot of emails because of this post. Two things: (1) I tracked down and talked to Dr. Gillick’s freshman-year roommate at MU yesterday, and she adamantly denies that Walker is the father of her child. Yes, she got pregnant as a first-year student, but she believes Dr. Gillick is mixing up stories; and (2) I Can Read CCAP has taken a family court suit involving Scott Alan Walker and mixed it up with the governor, Scott Kevin Walker.”

There are several critical points to be made in regard to this story:

Dr. Gillick is a respected and highly esteemed researcher at the University of Minnesota. If she were making these allegations without merit and only on political grounds, she would lose her job, for violating ethical standards at a public university. The fact that she has legal representation in this matter also speaks to her having some evidence beyond a college story.

The CCAP case entry  from 2004 referenced by the “Bice” comment does not fit the necessary timing to be relevant to this case. To wit:

Dr. Gillick’s account took place in 1988 (she graduated in 1991) while she and her roommate “Ruth” were Freshmen. Scott Walker is said to have been 20 at the time. Indeed, these dates are consistent with historical facts.

The Scott Walker referenced in the “Bice” comment of Family Court CCAP record was born in April, 1961. The woman in the record (mother of the child) was born in 1962. There is no possible way Dr. Gillick would confuse, or have even known this “other” Scott Walker, much less been roommates with the mother at Marquette. They are both 6 – 7 years older that any of the parties cited by Dr. Gillick.

The bottom line – this “CCAP” alibi is a ready-made cover story for Walker supporters. There is some merit to this story, and it should be allowed to develop as more real evidence is brought to light. In the meantime, continue the push to GOTV – making history is within our reach. That is the focus.


28 thoughts on “CCAP Records show Dr.Gillick’s claim may still have merit, despite Daily Kos article

  1. The CCAP record is for a different Scott Walker. The governor’s full name is Scott Kevin Walker and his birthday is on November 2. He won the election on his birthday, which is readily verifiable in google. I would remove the CCAP reference to protect the Scott Walker who was the subject of this case.

  2. “There is some merit to this story, and it should be allowed to develop as more real evidence is brought to light”.

    If by “merit” you mean third-hand unsubstantiated rumor, which you do, then I suggest you open a dictionary and brush up on the word “merit.” And if by your use of the clumsy phrase “more real evidence” (as opposed to more “fictitious evidence?) you are inferring that you have some “real evidence” to begin with. Which you don’t.
    And finally, it’s good to want more time to develop more “real evidence” (as opposed to “fictitious evidence”), especially since you don’t have any to begin with. And I’m sure your sincere desire to know the truth behind this riveting story will last at least to Tuesday. LOL.
    You guys are so shamelessly desperate and transparent it’s almost entertaining to watch. Thanks for that at least. LATWTT. (Laughing All The Way To Tuesday.)

    • The charges that were made by Dr.Gillick are all well within the range of strong likelihood, and in the absence of factual contradiction they should be seriously considered. What our friends in the Tea Party seldom understand is that young academics who are deeply involved in science seldom if ever lie, they don’t know how to; that’s the province of politicians and preachers, not academics. They devote their lives to trying to unravel and understand the truth of existence in whatever their specialty area is. It is not in their nature to consciously lie, so when a promising young academic like Dr.Gillick sticks her neck out like this we better shut-up and listen, or there’s a good chance we’ll awaken with egg on our face. My regret is that this is such late breaking news that it won’t affect the election.

      • There is “factual contradiction” in the nature of an explicit denial by “Ruth.” That means the story should not be seriously considered, right?

  3. I have no qualifications to dispute CCAP records, but….
    This controversy is, at this time, based on an entirely unsourced story. The wmcoop story is authored by “NON-MEMBER, and contains no by-line. Simply stated, we have no idea who wrote it.

    The attorney statement, alleged to have been “issued” appears nowhere on the internet other than the ever-expanding, and possibly illegitimate offspring of the unsourced wmcoop story.

    The “missing the forest for the trees” analogy comes to mind here. A setup to discredit also seems possible. Whatever happened to by-lines and checking sources? Oh, yeah, the internet’s just soooo easy! At least you have an “about” button with contact info here. Not so with the original wmcoop story.

  4. Dr. Gillick seems very believable — much more believable than Walker, with his continual lies. I agree that there is merit to the story, and it should be allowed to develop, as more real evidence comes to light. Also, the “Bice” comment seems fishy. I wonder if he would be willing to verify whether he posted it, or if someone else did.

    • Dr. Gillick I’m, sure, is very believable. When do we get to hear from her?

      Do you really think a professional with a career at stake would spill a story of this magnitude to an anonymous citizen media blogger? On Saturday night so nothing can be checked until Monday? Maybe a university assistant professor couldn’t find any media available in Minneapolis, or Madison, Milwaukee?

      Do you really want the media and blogosphere saturated with the likes of cbax22, then have to admit to being fished in? Does anyone think maybe discrediting the recall movement is tempting?

      If you’re so interested in asking Bice, why haven’t you? I did, through the news desk at the MJS – but it’s Sunday! I’ll probably get an answer Monday, after this has made us look like…. well, we’ll soon enough hear that from every corner of right-wing media.

  5. It’s a little weird that there’s no byline on the original story because there definitely was one last night when this first broke. I can’t remember the name however.

  6. Christ almighty. Would you please give this a rest. 1) Scott Kevin Walker is the Governor – 2) The kid would have been born in 1989 a case from 2004 has ZERO relevancy. 3) You let your hatred consume you, you lose whatever credibility you had. 4) Listen to Joe Rogo. He’s a pretty smart guy.

    • This goes to Walker’s credibility if true. And it’s not hate – just want to know the truth…as if we’ll ever hear it from SKW. The important issue of course, is voting Tuesday.

  7. I have strong suspicions about the story. At this stage it is not worthy of a campaign issue.

    Having said that, I am not prepared to accept any of the supposed comments that I read on Daily Kos by “Dan Bice” for three reasons. One it is not his style of writing. Two, 10 hours after he supposedly wrote to the story, he still has not commented on it at the Milwaukee Journal website. Three, he would not have commented on a story this large on any website other than the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

  8. It screams Karl Rove-type setup. I’d be more likely to believe it was done by GOP operatives because they know they don’t have the numbers, and they’re going to try to make Walker a martyr.

    Drop this story and get our state back through GOTV

  9. Anyone who has done ANY amount of court research, as I have, can tell you that CCAP is not completely reliable…especially when it comes to older records. The system relies completely on the counties to enter the records. The older records have not all been entered (some of the recent ones haven’t even been entered statewide). Any researcher worth his or her weight would know that just because its not online doesn’t mean its not there! In this instance, you would go to the county where “Ruth” resided (or her parents if they had custody of the child while she remained in school) to check family court records MANUALLY! You’d be looking for a paternity suit and possibly child support filed. These are both public record, but there may be a charge for staff to find the record. Of course, there is always a chance that the records have already been sealed.

  10. I would assume that the Walker campaign has had a “cover up” somewhat plausible story ready to wheel out for sometime in case this sexual “indiscretion” ever came out. Too bad Scotty W. and “Ruth” did not take advantage of Planned Parenthood just down Wisconsin Ave. East of the U of M back in the day. No not for the dreaded “A” prodedure but for prevention in the first place. Can not believe Scotty went swimming without his suit in ’88. What is the Scout motto “be prepared”. Remember Scotty?????

    • The point still is, why did Walker leave Marquette without graduating in his senior year? He said he had a passing average, but has never offered an explanation.

  11. Bernadette Gillick needs to come forward. I think it unlikely she is a Democrat operative but as Jake (at 2:12 PM) speculated it could be a setup to gain sympathy for poor Scotty. I’m certain the rovian spinners were ready for an indictment storyline and might have substituted this scandal. In any case I hope the truth becomes clear by tomorrow noon at the latest.

  12. I emailed Bice too. He confirmed he wrote the comment. He called the original story extremely irresponsible.
    Of course it’s impossible for me to prove here that I’m telling the truth, so this won’t settle the question for some.
    That said, I was probably one of the first to retweet the original story last night, and now I regret my haste, and I followed with numerous tweets urging that the story be treated as suspect.
    Also, Dr. Gillick may well be a credible person, but we haven’t heard directly from her. We’ve only heard quotes attributed to her, and I don’t know whether the quotes were fabricated. Probably not, but how can we be sure?
    All in all, I submit that there are plenty of verifiable reasons to question Walker’s integrity today, starting with the fact that he and his staff are the subject of a John Doe investigation that has already netted several of his closest associates. We don’t need a 20+ year old story to justify getting out the vote.

  13. “Bernadette was with Ruth in the hospital for the birth of her child later that year…”

    Means Dr. Gillick and “Ruth” were very close friends. The kind of friends who know each other’s histories well. The kind who share history, including in 1988 freshman year at Marquette University.

    I’m far less dubious about a scientist (with much to lose) who speaks out as an act of conscience than someone once “deeply in love” with Walker who, if the story is true, has every reason to have a hush arrangement with Walker.

    And the Walker in question? That would be the Walker who “ran for student body president as a sophomore at Marquette University in 1988,” according to a Jan 2012 profile, the same Walker who later became Governor.

  14. It is is NOT an unsubstantiated rumor. This woman was THERE. She is telling the world what she, a well-respected college researcher, remembers. And what she remembers VERY CLEARLY is that Scott Walker was the father. You don’t misremember something like that.

  15. Paternity records are sealed, so the “mixed up with another Scott Walker on CCAP” is bogus. Would the birth mother want to stand up and make herself a target? Geez, that’s a tough call. Most people would rather stay in the bunker, especially after so many years. If he threw her and her child under a bus once, he’ll do it again, and it will be much, much worse. As to the child — now an adult — the resemblance to the biological father is striking. It’s hard to believe no one has questioned the offspring before. Or perhaps they have …

  16. I had my son around the same time (1989).. None of my information is on CCAP regarding the paternity…. I also have not heard a peep from Walkers camp denying it…

  17. My colleague Dr. Bernadette Gillick’s allegations do have some merit, but upon discussing the matter with her I have uncovered some interesting “facts” or possible explanations. I refuse to put my tenure at the U of M at stake for possibly erroneous statements (and this is the same reason Dr. Gillick will not come forward with this part of the story), but upon further discourse with her former roommate a feasible explanation was obtained. Simply this; Walker is not the father of an illegitimate child but rather told his family he had gotten Ruth (apparently a close friend, only) pregnant to cover up the fact that he was gay. His mother had reason to suspect homosexual tendencies since he was a boy, and this story proved convenient not only because it put an end to his mother’s suspicions but because Ruth (who did not know who the father was) received money from Walker’s parents for some years as compensation for the lie. Again, I am not certain that any of this is totally accurate but I certainly believe it to be true. It saddens me that if Walker really did/does have homosexual tendencies that he would work against the interests of tolerance and gay rights. I guess the validity of these statements is for you to decide, and as a professor I encourage someone with the means to dig deeper. Regardless, it is important that everyone in WI has an opportunity to know the truth.

    • I’m calling troll on you (misdirection troll, new category, so you got that going for you).

      Your story makes no sense. A few of many possible observations:

      You’re close enough with Dr. Gillick to learn intimate details of her life — yet you’re the kind of friend who calls her a liar in public?

      Walker’s parents were happy to hear about an illegitimate pregnancy so as to confirm heterosexuality? Wow. Classy, right? Not really, it’s insulting to everyone theoretically involved.

      You’re tenured faculty — and you’re worried about your job?

      “[U]pon further discourse with her former roommate a feasible explanation was obtained.” So convenient. And so much missing and wrong with that statement. To start, the two women were more than “former roommates.” Dr. Gillick was in Ruth’s wedding party and by Ruth’s side when Ruth gave birth. That’s BFFs in today’s parlance, the kind of friend with whom you share everything, the kind of friend who remembers every detail from life-changing events.

      Your stuff don’t ring true, anonymous person, and you make some big claims. When you’re willing to be vetted by an attorney and speak out as yourself, by all means, then do.

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