New Labor Report shows big losses for Wisconsin in 2011…slowest “growing” labor market in US

The recent data from the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that for the year January 20111 – January 2012, Wisconsin has lost a cumulative 12,000+ non-farm payroll jobs; and trails the nation overall in job growth.

Despite Governor Scott Walker’s claim that his reforms are working to create jobs, the data shows that Wisconsin is well behind other midwest states in job growth. Here are the numbers (in thousands):

Education and Health Care – 407.9 (Jan 2011) – 412.6 (Jan 2012)

Manufacturing – 251.9 (Jan 2011) – 246.8 (Jan 2012)

Hospitality and Tourism – 416.1 (Jan 2011) – 402.7 (Jan 2012)

Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca issued the following statement  today:

“While the nation has added jobs every month for 17 straight months and neighboring states all posted job gains the past year, Wisconsin has fallen far behind under Gov. Walker and the Republican-controlled legislature.
“Wisconsin is one of only six states in the nation to lose jobs in the past year, and our job losses are more than three times higher than the next state on this unfortunate list.
“Gov. Walker pledged to work in a bipartisan fashion on job creation initiatives such as venture capital and mining. Instead, he refused to show any leadership or roll up his sleeves and get to work on what he said were his top priorities. Now he is blaming others for his failure to lead.
“The legislative session is nearly over, and Republicans have shown no desire to devote any serious focus to job creation. I strongly renew my call for a bipartisan process to select bills that will help put people back to work quickly.”

“Unfortunately – as we’ve seen from the bills set to be taken up this final week of session – Republicans continue to focus on undermining public education, power grabs and an extreme social agenda that harms women’s health, instead of jobs. Wisconsin’s middle-class and struggling families deserve better.”

The Assembly is in session today taking up final bills before the end of the session, pending any “special session” on mining promised by Governor Walker. As evidenced by the linked Assembly Calendar previous, none of the bills calendared today have any job growth relevance.  

The Walker Administration did not respond with a comment to requests for a statement.



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