UPDATE: Vos and Darling convene Mining Bill hearing without amendment draft ready for committee

At this hour, the Joint Finance Committee chaired by Robin Vos and Alberta Darling are holding a hearing on the GOP leadership’s proposed amendments to the Mining Bill. To their own admission, the two lawmakers convened the hearing (being seen on wiseye) without having the drafts of their amendments ready for the committee to view.

Legislative Fiscal Bureau staff admitted that at the noon hour, they had not yet even completed typing the amendments. The Fiscal Bureau staff has also met this morning to brief Republican legislators, but had not briefed Democratic legislators at the time of this writing. Vos and Darling have currently refused to allow for a two hour adjournment as this is written.

Vos and Darling are insisting on discussing the amendments at the moment they are presented. Senator Bob Jauch has pointed out that GOP legislators have already been briefed on the amendments while Democratic legislators have not even seen the amendments.

The amendments and the subsequent bill have been negotiated all weekend, with pressure even being exerted on Milwaukee Democratic State Senators by manufacturing interests to support the Vos/Darling amendments to be presented today.


One thought on “UPDATE: Vos and Darling convene Mining Bill hearing without amendment draft ready for committee

  1. Well really BD, voting on a bill before it is written allows for maximum flexibility in implementation. That’s all that true patriots Vos and Darling really want – to make this iron mine permitting process flexible and efficient. In these hard economic times (here in Wisconsin, but not apparently nationwide) it is best to have laws that allow our mining companies to be nimble so they can change regulations in real time as more information (and more campaign money) becomes available.

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