Redistricting Update – Expert Ronald Keith Gaddie gives partisan, expected testimony in defense of maps

In a February 17th blog, Badger Democracy revealed the most influential player for the GOP in drawing the highly controversial redistricting maps, now in the final hours of testimony. University of Oklahoma Professor of Political Science ( while Wispolitics reports Gaddie from Tulane – Gaddie’s primary position is with OU) Ronald Keith Gaddie has taken the stand today as the GOP’s “star” expert witness, and is focusing on the statistical constitutionality of the new districts primarily in Hispanic areas of Milwaukee.

Gaddie’s testimony is countering UW-Madison’s Kenneth Mayer, who testified that a significantly higher number of voters were relocated than were necessary to meet constitutional muster based on census data. As previously reported in Badger Democracy on February 21, Gaddie has a long history of this type of testimony, and will likely offset the expert testimony by plaintiff witnesses…unless cross examination focuses on known ideological flaws in Gaddie’s conclusions. Expect the process itself to receive unprecedented consideration by the three judge panel.

Gaddie has acted as a consultant to the redistricting effort, being paid an undisclosed amount of money through Michael, Best, and Friedrich on behalf of the State of Wisconsin. More secrecy to the process…more change is needed. 



3 thoughts on “Redistricting Update – Expert Ronald Keith Gaddie gives partisan, expected testimony in defense of maps

    • Yes, Gaddie has prepared numerous papers for AEI…he is reputed for a conservative slant as one of few “experts” that testify for the end of enforcement of Section 5 of the VRA in southern tier states.

  1. Check out if Gaddie was paid by more than just M,B&F – his expensive “for sale” expertise slants a greater bias to the bigger dollar signs.

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