Update – State Senator Kathleen Vinehout to announce Gubernatorial bid soon, source says

A source close to the office of Wisconsin State Senator Kathleen Vinehout  has informed Badger Democracy that the Senator from the 31st District in Western Wisconsin will soon be announcing her candidacy for Governor – to run in the impending recall election against Scott Walker.

The two-term Democrat serves a largely rural District, and has won two highly competitive elections to win and retain her seat – beating an incumbent Republican in 2006, and defeating the late Ed Thompson to retain her seat in 2010. Vinehout was one of the few democrats to survive the Republican wave in 2010, and is considered to be an expert in grassroots campaigning. She was outspent by Ed Thompson nearly 2 to 1 in the 2010 Campaign . She also survived an onslaught of outside special interest spending against her in 2010 by Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce and The Republican State Leadership Committee.

The source indicates a formal media statement will be made within the week. When the formal announcement is made, Vinehout would join Kathleen Falk as having declared candidacy for Governor. 




4 thoughts on “Update – State Senator Kathleen Vinehout to announce Gubernatorial bid soon, source says

  1. Is she pro-choice? I understand she supported a bill to allow a birth control “conscience clause” for pharmacists. She seems quite knowledgeable and personable, but if so, this would be a no-go for me.

    • Vinehout has had a consistent policy on abortion rights – she is pro sex education teaching methods of birth control for prevention of unwanted pregnancies, but agrees the abortion should be “safe, legal, and rare.” This is bascially the same policy Clinton had. She believes the laws we have and Roe V. Wade are sufficient to keep it legal and safe. Hope that clarifies.

  2. It’s pretty strange that two Kathleens are running for governor at the same time. Female politicians used to be uncommon, now we’re seeing same name female politicians.
    Kathleen Vinehout has come far, from being a dairy farmer, school teacher, she seems to be doing well in using all her knowledge to contribute to society. Hope she does well in her new campaign.

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