John Doe Investigation closing in on Walker aides, administration in alleged “pay-for-play” deals

On the day a new Marquette University Law School poll, conducted by Charles Franklin, shows an inexplicable rise in Scott Walker’s “favorable” rating in the face of an unprecedented sixth straight month of job losses; the John Doe Investigation being conducted in Milwaukee County appears to be getting closer to the Walker (as County Executive) Administration – this in a report from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The Journal Sentinel reports sources close to the investigation as disclosing a “pay-for-play” scheme to award lucrative County Office contracts to private real estate companies. The article links the contract award process with Walker supporters, donors, and inside work by the Walker Administration on the deals in both 2005 and 2010.

As this investigation rolls on, with additional arrests being made within the week according to the Journal Sentinel’s Dan Bice; Real Estate broker Andrew Jensen (and close Walker ally) is again compelled to give testimony today or face further contempt charges and jail time. It is difficult to imagine Walker having no knowledge of these dealings, based on one of the emails from a Walker supporter and one of the real estate parties involved specifically references then County Executive Walker. From the article:

In the email, obtained by the Journal Sentinel, Gregory Reiman alerted commercial real estate broker Scott Revolinski of RFP Commercial that the county was discussing moving workers from the county-owned City Campus to the Reuss Federal Plaza, which already housed the Aging Department.

“I told Scott Walker that I would mention this opportunity to you and see if RFP might be interested in this building. If you are interested I will put you in touch with Scott’s Chief of Staff, Tom Nardelli.”

As this investigation closes in on Scott Walker and his closest staffers/allies, one wonders which action will remove Scott Walker from office – recall or indictment.

The polling results are surprising, and Badger Democracy is working with an independent statistician to evaluate the methodology to discover any bias – as the reversal in Walker’s polling numbers is questionable based on the current economic and political climate.

The grassroots must continue to drive this movement. Regardless of the outcome of this investigation, we must communicate the details of malfeasance, fraud, and lies perpetrated by Scott Walker to the people of Wisconsin…as the recall election represents the will of the people and must be won to right the wrongs done by Scott Walker.


3 thoughts on “John Doe Investigation closing in on Walker aides, administration in alleged “pay-for-play” deals

  1. I actually thought the poll was kind of promising, but you have to look at the details, and unfortunately most media outlets are going to push the easy line that Walker tops everyone else. If you look at where they polled, you’ll see that nearly half of the 700+ respondents are from the Milwaukee suburbs or the Fox Valley, both heavily conservative areas. They also talked to just about the same number of people in the Fox Valley as in the Madison area, even though there are a lot more people around Madison. So, even though the poll is skewed toward Walker-friendly populations, he still can’t get above 50 percent against any of the challengers they name.

  2. Who do all the campaign people work for? Who was the boss? Oh yeah, that’s right. Their boss was Walker. It’s not a stretch to think that Walker was involved. They just have to prove it.

    He connected himself with people now under investigation and you think that he doesn’t come under suspicion? He either knew what they were doing or he’s criminally stupid.

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