Arrest of Tim Russell, former Walker, Thompson aide in John Doe Investigation

Former campaign aide to Tommy Thompson, and close aide and associate of Scott Walker has been arrested in Milwaukee County and charged with two counts of felony theft in a business setting, according to court records.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel “No Quarter Blog” reporter Dan Bice reported the arrest at 10:30 am today. Russell was one of the first aides to Walker to have a computer seized by investigators in August 2010, prior to the election. Despite his close ties to Walker and the GOP, Russell was virtually cut loose by Walker and the Republicans – receiving no political appointment in the Administration, unlike Cynthia Archer, who is still working in an Administration job (Department of Children and Families) after a leave of absence shortly after her computer was seized by Federal Agents.

The Felony counts are for theft in a business setting – one count class I greater than $2500-5000; the second count class G greater than $10,000. The Class A Misdemeanor is for theft leass than $2500.

Milwaukee county DA John Chisolm has scheduled a noon Thursday press conference to update additional information on the charges and investigation.



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