Top Ten Badger Democracy blogs of 2011…

To all Progressives fighting the good fight – a New Year wish for our state and nation, to forward the traditions of good government of and by the people. A progressive replacement for the corporatic scourge that has hijacked representative Democracy. As a reminder of what we are fighting, and fighting for – a reminiscence of the ten most read Badger Democracy blogs from 2011.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for taking part in Democracy.

1.Walker Cronyism Places State Patrol Troopers Under Fitzgerald in suspect situations

2. State Employee Fired after sending “Voter ID” email

3. Kaukauna School Board and Scott Walker have something in common…

4. Beyond the polls…moderate Wisconsin Republican voters are ditching Walker as radical right panics

5. The Big Five Lies in the Walker Budget

6. Top Ten Reasons to Recall Rebecca Kleefisch

7. Scott Walker’s Coronation is complete…Act 21

8. The ALEC-Koch pipeline to Wisconsin Legislators and the mining bill

9. Scott Walker has failed Wisconsin – the Labor Day edition

10. Walker emails expose knowledge of Foley and Lardner work on radical municipal governance legislation

Solidarity Forever – and see you for the recall election in 2012!




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