As Kleefisch stays “under the radar” for most Wisconsinites, her recall lags in signatures…why she deserves recall

At 7:30 this evening, United Wisconsin will make an announcement within a few hours regarding the number of signatures gathered in the Walker Recall effort, so far. A United Wisconsin official spoke with Badger Democracy this evening, and the number will greatly exceed expectations for the first two weeks of the effort.

The recall of Rebecca Kleefisch is lagging slightly behind the Walker Recall, mostly due to the fact that Kleefisch has operated under the radar in the Walker Administration. Many Wisconsinites just don’t know who she really is, what she has done, or what she stands for. In some areas of the state, people are expressing hesitation in signing a recall petition for a politician they know nothing about. Here is a re-posting of “Ten Reasons to Recall Rebecca Kleefisch” – share widely (also available at

1. Kleefisch lied in the 2010 election about the level of tax increase under Doyle, misrepresenting it by over $2 billion – a lie Politifact couldn’t even miss.

2. In the 2010 election, during an interview with Fox 6 in Milwaukee, compared same-sex relationships with having a relationship with inanimate objects, in spite of her uncle being in an openly gay relationship for over 18 years.

3. Frequent speaker at Tea Party rallies(such as Sheboygan) in summer 2010 – coined the phrase “open for business” and railed on the role of Government in ruining the economy in Wisconsin, even when the real cause of the recession was lack of regulation on speculative and risky investment ventures; not too much government.

4. After leaving WISN-TV in Milwaukee, became a “conservative correspondent” for Charlie Sykes, conservative radio talk show host in Milwaukee.
5. Kleefisch pushes for abstinence only sex-ed.
6. She is anti-reproductive rights, even in cases of rape, incest, or the mother’s life being in danger.  
7. Anti-embryonic stem cell research, in spite of scientific evidence that adult stem cells are not as effective for research.
8. Considers the top quality necessary for a Governor  is “…to be a Christian man…”, in her own words, 28 seconds in on the video.

9. Along with Scott Walker, broke a campaign promise to immediately begin paying their increased pension contribution upon taking office. They only complied when mandated to do so by newly enacted law, along with other state employees.

10. Kleefisch has never before been elected or appointed to public office, has no fiscal managerial experience, and has no qualifications to serve as Governor. Being a middle market news reporter does not qualify you for the high office of Lt. Governor, or Governor.

The fact is, Kleefisch was not qualified to be Lieutenant Governor in the first place – a fact simply ignored by the media during the campaign, and Wisconsin voters who either didn’t vote, or were seduced by Scott Walker. She is a fundamentalist, whose ideology does not (contrary to her speeches and ads) reflect or care about the majority of Wisconsin. Now is the time to call her out for what she is, and for her support of Scott Walker.

Together, Walker and Kleefisch have brought a fundamentalist ideological crusade to Wisconsin disguised as governance. They touted a so-called “fiscal crisis” to justify their social agenda; a crisis which turned out to be largely overstated and created by Walker – in his first act of authorizing tax breaks to the wealthy corporatics. The progressive traditions of Wisconsin (which are still reflected by its people) have been turned upside down. Time to right the ship.

Recall them both – Solidarity!


10 thoughts on “As Kleefisch stays “under the radar” for most Wisconsinites, her recall lags in signatures…why she deserves recall

  1. Three reasons that we can remember:

    1. She is wackier than Governor Walker is.
    2. She has not disagreed with a single proposal that Gov. Walker has enacted.
    3. She is less qualified to be Governor than Scott Walker. Before becoming Lt. Gov., she taught tap dance, read the news on TV and did marketing work.

  2. I am very concerned about this.
    Our field director said we were only to carry 2 clipboards: one for Walker and one for Moulton (23rd district, he is being recalled). We were at a training session and lots of sessions were held.

    He did not seem concerned about Kleefisch (He works for the Dem Party of WI out of Madison but was sent up to the Eau Claire.

    I first two days I did as asked but then I worked with another woman who had all 3 petitions (walker, kleefisch and Terry Moulton) all one one clipboard. People were signing all 3 at one time. So I started to do the same.

    I will continue to collect all 3. People go OH NO but they sign them without problems.

    • She has a degree in Video Production and the best place she could find to shoot her “commercial” is a garage with cheesy graphics? Maybe she should consider going to a public school for more education. She’s filled with lies. Perfect match for Sykes. What has this woman done for the state of Wisconsin and in exchange for her six figure salary?

  3. Here’s another good reason. If the effort to recall Walker is successful, and the effort to recall kleefisch is not, Walker could resign before the recall election — making her governor, and resetting the clock to one year from when she takes office.

  4. It would be a travesty for this woman to end up as governor by default. Her role has been to be figurehead and to be a nice-looking woman standing silently by Walker’s side. I honestly don’t know if she thinks for herself at all or if her husband, the ultra-conservative Joel Kleefisch, would be the one actually making decisions.

    When she refused to debate during the elections in fall 2010, I would have assumed that everyone would get that she is another Sarah Palin-lite. Quite honestly, she has blatantly lied in all of these political ads about the potential cost of the recalls and what Walker has done as governor.

    Please- send her packing!

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