Beyond the polls…Moderate Wisconsin Republican voters are ditching Walker as radical right panics

The new poll released by St. Norbert College/Wisconsin Public Radio points to a trend that has the radical right in a frenzy. Scott Walker’s approval rating has dropped since April – from 46% down to 38%; with his disapproval rating jumping from 48% to 58%. More telling, the 18%, ultra right-wing conservative “strongly approve” rating is unchanged. What has changed, is he has lost 8% in the “approve” column – indicating a loss of moderate Republicans. Consistent with this trend is the response to the question of voting to remove Scott Walker, if the election were held today. 58% respond they would remove Walker from office; only 38% would keep him in office. This indicates a 10 point loss for Walker in just over six months (the numbers were 47% remove, 48% keep in April). The neo-con wing of the GOP is in full crisis mode as the recall drive proceeds full steam ahead.

As new job numbers for Wisconsin were released, showing more lost private sector jobs in October, it is apparent Walker’s propaganda to “create jobs” as his highest priority is just that – propaganda, and Wisconsinites are seeing through it. Even in conservative Waukesha County, groups are forming to discuss progressive politics, recall Walker, and promote Democratic candidates in local elections – a clear pushback to radical policies and power grabs which would have been unheard of one year ago. My own parents – longtime conservative Republican Brookfield residents, have openly stated they will vote AGAINST Scott Walker in any future election – whether recall, primary, or general. One year ago they defended him as the Governor that will save Wisconsin from fiscal collapse. Now they see him as having more power than any one politician should posess.

Both the polls and personal experience confirm what we all know instinctively – Scott Walker’s power grab is beyond what the average citizen in Wisconsin would accept as responsible governance. So much, that 58% would vote against him in a recall election. This fact has right-wing extremists going to any extreme to protect their champion, Scott Walker. These extreme shenanigans are being well documented in alternative (and some mainstream) media. The Government Accountability Board has already issued a stern warning that falsifying, defacing, or destroying a recall petition is a Class 1 felony, and has already been working with some District Attorneys on filed complaints.

As expected, the Koch money machine is already pouring a reported $500,000 into TV ads to promote the “successes” of Scott Walker’s policies – through ads paid for by Americans for Prosperity and the MacIver Institute, both financially supported by the Koch Foundation.

Our hope is in each other. The most important thing we can do now is participate, and bring our family, friends, and neighbors into the dialog. The eye to eye, face to face conversation with people we know and trust will carry a greater weight than any commercial aired over, and over, and over, ad nauseam.

Circulate petitions, exercise your first amendment right to talk politics at work, share truths and facts on Facebook, twitter, and other social media. This is our battle to win or lose. While 50,000 signatures is a start, and exceeds early expectations – we have a long way to go. Engage the population, and count every signature as the one that will recall Scott Kevin Walker, because it is.

The tide is turning, it is our time to seize the moment – FORWARD, and SOLIDARITY!


One thought on “Beyond the polls…Moderate Wisconsin Republican voters are ditching Walker as radical right panics

  1. Fact check: Wisconsin does not have “Class 1” felonies. We have “Class I”, as in “G, H, I…” where “I” is the lowest severity felony. The confusion stems from sans-serif fonts where a capital i looks like a 1.

    Otherwise, great news!

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