Top Ten Reasons to Recall Rebecca Kleefisch (in case you need a reminder)

The case for Scott Walker’s recall continues to build, as he recently spends more time speaking (and hearing protests) out-of-state than in Wisconsin. So much for job creation – he’s left that up to Republicans in the Legislature. Unfortunately for Scott Walker, and the people of Wisconsin, GOP lawmakers were more interested in social engineering than job creation, as noted recently by statewide editorial boards

With JB VanHollen’s recent opinion coming at the request of the GAB that Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch would have to face separate (but equal) petition drives, it seemed like a good idea to begin a list of reasons (suitable for sharing) to recall “Rebecca for Real.” Here then, are Badger Democracy’s current top ten reasons to recall Rebecca:

1. Kleefisch lied in the 2010 election about the level of tax increase under Doyle, misrepresenting it by over $2 billion – a lie Politifact couldn’t even miss.

2. In the 2010 election, during an interview with Fox 6 in Milwaukee, compared same-sex relationships with having a relationship with inanimate objects, in spite of her uncle being in an openly gay relationship for over 18 years.

3. Frequent speaker at Tea Party rallies(such as Sheboygan) in summer 2010 – coined the phrase “open for business” and railed on the role of Government in ruining the economy in Wisconsin, even when the real cause of the recession was lack of regulation on speculative and risky investment ventures; not too much government.

4. After leaving WISN-TV in Milwaukee, became a “conservative correspondent” for Charlie Sykes, conservative radio talk show host in Milwaukee.
5. Kleefisch pushes for abstinence only sex-ed.
6. She is anti-reproductive rights, even in cases of rape, incest, or the mother’s life being in danger.  
7. Anti-embryonic stem cell research, in spite of scientific evidence that adult stem cells are not as effective for research.
8. Considers the top quality necessary for a Governor  is “…to be a Christian man…”, in her own words, 28 seconds in on the video.

9. Along with Scott Walker, broke a campaign promise to immediately begin paying their increased pension contribution upon taking office. They only complied when mandated to do so by newly enacted law, along with other state employees.

10. Kleefisch has never before been elected or appointed to public office, has no fiscal managerial experience, and has no qualifications to serve as Governor. Being a middle market news reporter does not qualify you for the high office of Lt. Governor, or Governor.

The fact is, Kleefisch was not qualified to be Lieutenant Governor in the first place – a fact simply ignored by the media during the campaign, and Wisconsin voters who either didn’t vote, or were seduced by Scott Walker. She is a fundamentalist, whose ideology does not (contrary to her speeches and ads) reflect or care about the majority of Wisconsin. Now is the time to call her out for what she is, and for her support of Scott Walker.

Together, Walker and Kleefisch have brought a fundamentalist ideological crusade to Wisconsin disguised as governance. They touted a so-called “fiscal crisis” to justify their social agenda; a crisis which turned out to be largely overstated and created by Walker – in his first act of authorizing tax breaks to the wealthy corporatics. The progressive traditions of Wisconsin (which are still reflected by its people) have been turned upside down. Time to right the ship.

Recall them both – Solidarity!


14 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons to Recall Rebecca Kleefisch (in case you need a reminder)

  1. Thanks for turning me on to the videos of her. Now that I know more about her and agree with her on most areas I will support her.

    • The Wisconsin State Constitution is the basis for the recall of Kleefisch…an election won by an individual does not end their accountability to the entire state – it begins with that election. If Kleefisch loses a recall election, that will also be a constitutional exercise of the electorate. Being a fundamentalist ideologue and putting that ideology above what is best for the state is certainly grounds for recall. The damage done in this administration will last for decades after they are gone and making millions for themselves in right-wing special interests. THAT is the larger crime.

      • Well said Badger Democracy. I truely hope the citizens of Wisconsin check this out and vote intelligently for the good of our state. God help us alll if Walker stays in power.

  2. You offer a section for comment BUT only want responses that agree with your perspective. Again you show the hypocrisy of the progressive liberal approach. Again

    Being an open minded WI resident/voter I was curious to read you list of “top 10 reasons to recall Rebecca.” Unfortunately your list is very lacking, dishonest, illogical and more of selfish personal wants at the tax payers expense.

    You state that she/they misrepresented the facts BUT your side did for years and continues to lie and misstate the basic facts.
    –> She was “never elected” and was “not qualified for public office”- WRONG
    –> She was elected by the people of WI
    –> Her qualification for office are for the electorate to decide
    –> Her/their “ideological Crusade to WI a state w/ “progressive traditions”- Yes and after seeing decades gov’t irresponsibility and mismanagement deteriorating WI’s fundamental position and future the populace of WI decided that her/their fiscal and moral course was a superior one
    –> “She is a “conservative” and “frequent T party participant” – so what?
    –> Again your progressive policies have mislead and failed WI for decades
    –> Why would you list such as negatives
    –> Isn’t WI like the country a place open including all ideas in an open discourse?

    Why are you so openly “anti-Christian?”

    “Solidarity?” this is just more of your Marx, Castro, Alinsky et al language of your extreme left communistic union at the expense of the people of WI. Why do you continue to force you views of “same sex marriage” and promiscuous sex education upon the state and country at any/all means no matter what the polls and elections show.

    The people of WI heard the ideological logic of Walker and Kleefisch and chose it at the ballot box. No matter how frustrating and disappoint that might be for you, misstating and manipulating the facts and rules doesn’t change these basic facts. Since their election, costs have begun to be reigned in at the state and local level. Many towns free from the monopolistic burden of union health care have righted their futures w/out having to fire workers.

    While WI union members have protested the dictatorial and personally motivated actions of their leaders most of WI is headed in a better direction and has a optimist future.

    Tax paying citizen of WI

    • “Hadley” – Since you are obviously a GOP-supporting “Tax paying citizen of WI”, and must agree with the notion of full disclosure, I am surprised you would not sign your real name and address – as those who signed the Recall Walker petitions did. As for “approving” comments that disagree, you are unfamiliar with my blog. Amongst the hundreds of comments, many disagree – and I approve them all. My apologies for being a little slow in approving yours – I was helping my best friend bury his 41-year old brother this past weekend. The world doesn’t revolve around you and your right-wing talking points.

      I have approved your comments – as they are a perfect example of one simple fact. Those of you still “Standing with Governor Walker” are in complete denial of fact and history. That is what is so dangerous about the Walker ideology. Its survival relies on that denial. Wisconsin (and the US) is rich in Progressive history – and it is those progressive policies under attack because it take power away from the 1% (a century ago, called the “Robber Barons”). Progressive policies are not what got us in this economic fix. Period. Anyone saying they are is being revisionist and deceitful.

      Thanks for reading, I hope you continue, as I’ll be addressing that in future posts. And for the record – Abraham Lincoln not only read Marx, he used Marxist ideas in forming his national policies and writing speeches. Again – history is being revised – wake up.

    • “Ideological logic”? Wow.

      You flat-earthers are pathetic.

      GOP livestock heading for slaughter.

      Won’t even know what hit you.

      Then you’ll all come looking for handouts.

      And you’ll appeal to the “Christian heart” of the nation.

      But you’ll miss the irony.

      Farm animals don’t get irony.

      Just keep drinking from the bucket, Moo Moo.

      It’s not sand. Really.

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