“Blame Waukesha…”: an in-depth study of Waukesha County politics

I was recently asked to write the cover story for this week’s Isthmus on a highly relevant topic to Wisconsin politics. In this turbulent political climate, Waukesha County has emerged as a statewide influence in Wisconsin fiscal policy, legislation, and politics. The article is an in-depth expose on the multitude of factors effecting this county’s continual shift to the right. It also reveals the background of one of the lesser-known, but key players in this “evolution” – Don Taylor. Key Dane County political players provide a backdrop, and former Speaker-turned-lobbyist Scott Jensen was interviewed, offering a unique perspective. For any progressive, it is a must-read to understand why it is what it is. Through understanding, it may be possible to overcome. Follow the link, and Solidarity!

“Blame Waukesha – The Conservative stronghold dukes it out with Dane County to win statewide elections”




One thought on ““Blame Waukesha…”: an in-depth study of Waukesha County politics

  1. Waukesha voters beware: money talks, talk is cheap, and corporate pockets deep.
    Witness the unscrupulous alliance consolidating power, now that our state is “Open for Business.”
    Recall that Benito Mussolini once said, “Fascism… is the merger of state and corporate power.”
    Recall Walker!

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