Walker Recall moves Forward – Time to Occupy the Capitol…again

Tuesday night Wisconsin State Democratic Party Chair Mike Tate announced the date Scott Walker’s Recall begins – November 15. The Democratic Party has made the announcement after weeks of discussion and consultation with true grassroots organizations – primarily United Wisconsin and Wisconsin Recall Network (volunteer organizations); Labor Unions, and Progressives from around the state. United Wisconsin is poised to lead the effort with resources from all vested groups – utilizing a database of signatures, statewide volunteers, and coordination with local grassroots, State Democrats and Labor Unions. All interested groups report readiness to recall Scott Walker from office. The recent polls confirm Wisconsin is ready – a majority of Wisconsinites believe Walker should be recalled. An additional poll soon to be released will show numerous potential candidates polled against Walker would succeed in defeating him in a recall election. The table is now set – we must all fulfill our obligation to Wisconsin, and the world.

What started in Madison on February 14th, with Peter Rickman leading UW Teaching Assistants in a “Valentine Protest” to the Capitol grew into the largest labor protests in Wisconsin (and US) history, occupying the Capitol for weeks. Since then, the entire world is awakening as city after city embrace the “Occupy” movement. From Wall Street to Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Madrid, Greece, even Grenoble in the French Alps will be occupied October 15 – the People’s Movement has looked to Wisconsin as a model, and for inspiration. In the coming months, Wisconsin will show there is hope for working people of the world – as the People recall Scott Walker for his assault on the rights of working Wisconsin and the Corporatization of a once-Progressive State. Thus, the circle will be complete, as the “Occupy” movement comes home – to Wisconsin. As the recall moves forward, the People will again occupy Wisconsin, driving out the Corporatist Scott Walker and re-asserting Government “of the people, and by the people.” It is time to return – to Madison!

To all Progressives, Labor, Democrats, working People of Wisconsin – it is time for a return to the Capitol…a “reunion” of Democracy, to celebrate the coming recall of Scott Walker and stand in Solidarity with each other – “an injury to one is an injury to all,” and Walker has done injury to many of our neighbors. A rally of epic proportions as demonstration we are ready, and to send word around the world that again – Wisconsin will show the world “what Democracy looks like.” 

This is a call to action – between now and November 15 – let us all meet at the Capitol in Solidarity for the Recall Movement; and unite in standing up for working and middle class people of Wisconsin and the world. Stand with your fellow citizens, brothers and sisters, neighbors, United Wisconsin, Wisconsin Recall Network, One Wisconsin Now,  Wisconsin Dems., Progressives, Independents, Republicans, and ALL who despise what Scott Walker has done to Wisconsin. FORWARD – SEE YOU IN MADISON!!


4 thoughts on “Walker Recall moves Forward – Time to Occupy the Capitol…again

  1. I attended the University of Wisconsin (Oshkosh) and have fond memories of my graduate school days there. I was saddened by the events transpiring in Wisconsin over the past year. I support your efforts to recall Scott Walker and return Wisconsin to its progressive roots.

  2. If you’re going to use an IWW slogan, “An injury to one is an injury to all,” why not consider the modern IWW’s preferred strategy, the general strike?

  3. Decades ago the term “progressive” used to be a code word for Communist; it means the same thing today, but you’re cowards and won’t tell the truth about yourselves. The “occupation” of the capitol looked just like the Communist street agitation from the 40’s, and it’s no wonder…. same ideas by people with the same ideas and goals.

    • Correction, Joe – the progressive movement has its roots in what WAS the Republican Party, and embraced elements of Socialism, as it does today. No Progressive would deny that. What is sad, is the term “Socialism” has been demonized by the right to the point where we have forsaken our true history as Americans, and what our Founding Fathers fought, died, and wanted for this nation, and its people. Look outside the box you live in, understand what this country was founded on (not the FOX/Limbaugh version), or stay in the dark – your choice. We will and must move forward without you for the sake of a Democratic and free society.

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