Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November…and Wisconsin

November 5th is only one month away, and the poem referencing Guy Fawkes has been repeated from Madison to Wall Street, and around the world:

 “Remember, Remember, the fifth of November, the Gunpowder Treason and Plot.

I know of no reason, the Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot.”

Today, October 5, the attention is turned to Occupy Wall Street, Chicago, Boston, For good reason – the movement which began as a march up State Street to deliver Valentines to the State Capitol on February 14 has turned into national recognition that Corporate Anarchists began class warfare over twenty years ago – and the people are waking up to reclaim Democracy. The movement, the people’s peaceful revolution, has begun. While the movement has spread to support our Brothers and Sisters around the nation (and indeed, the world), the time is upon us to turn our attention and focus where it all started – Wisconsin.

In Wisconsin, the Legislature will be back in session to take up bills which are now receiving hearings with little attention. With the massive crowds gone, and attention turned outward, the GOP hope is to pass these “job creation bills” without much fanfare. So-called “job creation” bills are no more than continued giveaways to GOP-friendly corporations and the top 2% of wage earners, all in a Special Session called by a desperate Governor who may be sensing his time in office is limited.  Scott Walker faces a looming and expanding John Doe investigation into his campaign activities while Milwaukee County Executive; and an inevitable effort to recall him. The actions of a desperate politician are unpredictable, save the motivation to do anything to retain power and control. This Special Session, coupled with the unveiling of the State Public Employee handbook (rumored to be introduced within the week), stands to rival the implementation of Act 10 in its effects on the working middle class – and benefits to the wealthy, corporate elite.

We are one month away from the earliest date a recall petition can be filed. It is this writer’s opinion the earliest filing date is inevitable. There are significant movements among grassroots groups, labor unions, Democrats, and PACs to band together in a united effort to recall Scott Walker. Come November, every available activist, progressive, Democrat, centrist, etc., must be available for the effort. Holiday shopping, Packer games, Badger games, must take a back seat to the recall effort if it is to be successful. Scott Walker is covertly arming his recall war chest, and may start campaigning immediately upon the petition filing – giving him a significant jump on any challenger. And the challenger? Who will it be? The likelihood of an April recall election becomes very likely, six months away…the vetting process needs to begin. For Wisconsin and the people of The United States, the recall is a must-win scenario; if we are focused, united, peaceful, and passionate, we will win. For that, our attention must be here, at home.

The effort will need people to assure voter education and registration; fundraising efforts, quick and accurate information, armies of people to gather accurate and legal petitions, and coordination between scores of vested organizations, and a candidate to unite a state which has been torn apart by Scott Walker. People of Wisconsin, the time is now. On the 5th of October, turn your attention inward, to Wisconsin. You are needed to write, call, protest, educate, gather signatures, rally volunteers, vote, and get out the vote. This is the People’s time – to show the world what Democracy looks like. Scott Walker was elected last November, and committed treason against Democracy, selling it out to the highest bidder. This month, and this November, we peacefully take it back.

“Remember, Remember the Fifth of November, the Scott Walker Corporate Plot,

I know of no reason the Corporate treason should EVER be forgot.”

Solidarity, and Forward!




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