From Madison, with Love – Occupy Wall Street, Occupy the World

The peaceful occupation of Wall Street is virtually unreported in the mainstream media – save a brief update on MSNBC this evening. New York City Police have begun an attempt at quelling the protest through use of force, unprovoked and without cause. Why, in the United States of America, would this happen? How can the First Amendment rights of so many be restricted – to the point where Twitter will not allow #occupywallstreet to trend, even though it is exploding worldwide? One needs only look back about seven months to the occupation of the Wisconsin State Capitol to find the answer.

The mass protest and resistance to Corporatic anarchy created a stir across the nation, and around the world. To neo-Conservatives, using Scott Walker and the Fitzgerald-led Legislature as puppets, Wisconsin became the “tip of the spear” in the rising class warfare. Destroying the Labor movement was just the beginning, as we all have seen. Something profound happened in February and March; something the neo-cons could not have anticipated in their attempted “shock therapy” for Wisconsin. The people resisted. 14 Senators left the state, denying the quorum necessary to pass  Act 10 – and waking up the entire country to what was happening in Wisconsin. In that time, people also began to wake up – prematurely, for the neo-cons, to the agenda being imposed upon them. People all over the United States began to wake up.

While much of the right-wing agenda has been implemented, some is stalled. In Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and other states, the right-wing has not gotten everything it wanted – and some things they have gotten are ripe for recall. The movement is growing – the people are poised to take back what is rightly theirs. Democracy, and equal representation regardless of class, race or social status. The blackout of “Occupy Wall Street” is a desperate attempt at censorship, by those who have become desperate to retain the power it has taken them 30 years to amass. In that desperation, comes the ability to do anything to hold onto power – including arresting innocents. Or, in the case of Troy Davis, executing a man who didn’t deserve to die. Or cut nearly $1 Billion from Wisconsin Public Schools, and strip public workers of their Rights to Collectively Bargain. Or cry “deficit crisis” as a rationale for decimating America’s social safety net and ever-shrinking middle class. Or allow hundreds of thousands of jobs to be “off shored” to increase the profits of 2% of the population, while hundreds of thousands are unemployed. Yes, the Corporate Anarchists are becoming desperate – and that makes them dangerous.

United we stand…this will be a heated Autumn – on Wall Street, Main Street, in Wisconsin and around the world. The People are rising, and the tide is turning. It must do so peacefully. Why? The right is increasingly looking to create antagonistic situations – as much has been said by pundits and politicians alike in Madison and Wisconsin, the same is true everywhere. Truth is on our side…heed the advice of Gandhi and Dr. King, protest peacefully, and we shall stand together united – to “proclaim liberty throughout ALL the land unto ALL the inhabitants thereof.”

It is our obligation to spread the word…follow #occupywallstreet, watch the video feeds on youtube, follow Occupy Wall Street on Facebook, and share the story. More importantly, share OUR story. The People’s story, and stories of our neighbors, families bring us together and bind us in the common cause of freedom from Corporate Tyranny. We send to Wall Street, and to Main Street all over the world, love from Wisconsin – to the People’s Revolution.

Our time has come. People are waking up in Wisconsin and around the world. Spread the word – this matters. This is a pivotal moment in the People’s History, and it is for us to write – what will your chapter read when it is written?

SPREAD THE WORD, and Forward in Solidarity!


One thought on “From Madison, with Love – Occupy Wall Street, Occupy the World

  1. This is all somewhat unexpected but great! I am a USA citizen living (?) in Chile — a repository of North American excess and junk. Even if, as I have heard from someone, 97% do not know what their doing, good on them! They (we) have the legitimate excuse of not being paid to plan how to destroy society — to fix it, in our case!

    They (we) are working against the professional thugs and the evil brains — i.e. those people who understand or do not, but may need their income AND the self-serving *unts who set this all up!

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