“Walkergate” Update: Archer Emails, and Van Hollen partisanship

The Center for Media and Democracy released emails received from Open Records Request, detailing the high level of Cynthia Archer’s involvement in the Walker Administration. One of the Archer emails specifically contains a response to a request from Archer herself, on behalf of the Adminstration. Archer requests the top three overtime earners for state public employees. The corresponding spreadsheet shows that most of these public union employees are employed by the State Health Services (Nurse) or Department of Corrections (Corrections Officers). Scott Walker has long been on record as supporting privatization of Prisons AND State Health Services (especially health services in prisons).  It is not difficult to connect the dots from Scott Walker’s agenda as County Executive/Governor to “pay-for-play” political promises of privatization.

With the involvement of Archer, the trail is already on Walker’s doorstep. Not only evident by the $60,000 retainer paid to Steven Biskupic at Michael Best and Friedrich, but by JB Van Hollen’s partisan decision to not assist in the investigation. It should be noted that immediately prior to that decision, Van Hollen had already assisted the Milwaukee County DA in Election fraud cases. Adding fuel to the partisan fire, is the request of the Department of Justice to have Cynthia Archer’s Deposition withdrawn in the Federal Case against the Act 10 Collective Bargaining Law. Union Attorneys have petitioned the Court to allow the Deposition to be retained and made public. It would appear that JB Van Hollen’s office is continuing its practice of selective, partisan law enforcement. The timing of the withdrawal request does more than fail the smell test – it reeks of political favoritism, attempting to quell potentially damaging testimony from one of Scott Walker’s most trusted (and rewarded) aides de camp.

 As details continue to unfold, we are beginning to see higher-level connections to Scott Walker’s Administration. It is only a matter of time before Walker himself is directly connected.


7 thoughts on ““Walkergate” Update: Archer Emails, and Van Hollen partisanship

  1. Keep up the good work, I protested when Walker came to Kentucky for Williams, no more Koch Governors in the United States, hope and pray he loses his position in Wisconsin. I admire you all in Wisconsin, God Bless

  2. Thank you, Deborah Harper, for protesting Walker in Kentucky! I saw it on video… great job! And thanks, also, to Badger Democracy, for the Walkergate updates. Corporate Media cannot be trusted (shame on the Wisconsin State Journal! What a junk paper).

    Keep coming with the updates, and I’ll keep sharing them.

  3. great work sir! I have to be honest, I am nervous. Nervous that Walker will weasel his way out of this somehow. I want nothing more than to see Walker convicted and sent to prison like that Rod dude from Illinois, but I won’t believe it could happen until I see it actually happening, if that makes sense. either way, he’s a scumbag and so are all of his cronies, and I hope Walker gets what he deserves, along with the Fitz brothers and the rest of the corrupt righties in this state.

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