Scott Walker Has Failed Wisconsin…part 4 “The Wisconsin Idea” – Fighting Bob Edition

Scott Walker has failed Wisconsin by abandoning “The Wisconsin Idea” of State Government for a Corporate – sponsored plutocracy. This year’s “Fighting Bob Fest” is the most important since its inception; both as an opportunity for activism, and more importantly its message of “Class Warfare.”

The “Wisconsin Idea” of Government was forwarded by Robert M. LaFollette, Jr. to combat the overwhelming corruption created by Corporate “Robber Barons” influencing State and Federal Government. It states that Government should function to the benefit of the greatest number of citizens in the state, not the fewest and most powerful. That money and corruption had such influence that it was affecting Legislation which awarded favors (at taxpayer expense) to Corporations in exchange for continued campaign support. The Progressive movement in Wisconsin was a direct response to that influence – and was a successful grassroots movement in countering that Corporate influence. What is happening today in Wisconsin (and worldwide) is historically parallel. Class warfare began thirty years ago through tax favors to corporations and union busting, and has come to a head in the last six months. The message and political philosophy of “Fighting Bob” is the key to winning the day in the current struggle.

Through the influence of Corporatists and “Shadow” Organizations such as ALEC, the corporate influence on Wisconsin Legislation was evident early in the process this year. The influence continues in recent Bills, such as AB196, which limits and restricts the Government Accountability Board authority to monitor corporate election expenditures. The importance of “Fighting Bob Fest” is  in combating the propaganda pushed by Scott Walker and his allies. The way the People and Progressives bring back the “Wisconsin Idea” is by uniting against the Corporate Anarchists taking over our state and nation. That means uniting, educating, communicating, and spreading the word to each other and our friends and neighbors.

Scott Walker has sold out the people and the state for his political and financial gain. The winners are the Corporations which will reap record profits in this environment. The losers are the people – children, families, women, seniors, teachers, and anyone who will (at some time in their life) require a little help from their neighbors. “The Wisconsin Idea” means we help each other out in times of need, and building a just and fair society for all. The People will win when more and more citizens come to the realization that this is indeed “class warfare” being waged by the extremely wealthy against middle class working families. As economically insulated people living in Waukesha County begin being affected by companies like GE relocating to China, the people will win. As the lies being told on Conservative talk radio are debunked by those of us screaming out the truth, the people will win. As Scott Walker’s political house of cards comes crashing down in corruption, the people will win. When people’s neighbors and family talk to each other about record corporate profits and salaries, people will win. When people understand the effects of record poverty amongst record wealth, people will win.  “Fighting Bob Fest” is an opportunity for us to come together, share our experiences, stories, and gain the weapons of truth to fight this war – and win.

Scott Walker has failed the Wisconsin Idea, and in doing so, all the people of Wisconsin. This is why we protest, sing, write, shout, message, volunteer, serve, campaign, make signs, and share our passion for justice and truth in politics – and why we must continue to do so – to a wider audience. The people of Wisconsin have a right to the truth, and we will give it to them. As more and more working people of Wisconsin begin to grasp the enormity of this Class Warfare we are fighting – we will win. It is our obligation to the spirit of Fighting Bob La Follette.We will carry on The Wisconsin Idea of Government for the sake of the future.

See you at Fighting Bob Fest this weekend – Solidarity!


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