Urgent : AB196 on Tuesday Calendar to remove Corporate reporting requirements, limit GAB oversight of Corporate spending in elections

On Tuesday, September 13, AB196 is on the calendar to be debated in the Assembly. This bill will rescind and limit the Government Accountability Board’s authority to make rules regarding limits and reporting of Campaign Contributions by Corporate entities. A commentary by Mike McCabe, Executive Director at Wisconsin Democracy Campaign comments the bill will “make it harder for the public to see how special interests are funneling money into political advertising campaigns.”

The Bill has received no public hearings, and will completely limit the GAB authority to require Campaign Finance Contributions. Below are the Legislators on the Assembly Rules Committee who passed the bill onto the full Assembly without Public hearing. Badger Democracy will update as more information becomes available.

Assembly Rules Committee Members:

   Update – The Special Joint Committee for Review of Administrative Rules held a public hearing on April 27, 2011. After this brief hearing, on June 2, 2011, the bill was introduced out of the Special Committee as AB 196, into the  Joint Rules Committee prior to being scheduled for floor debate on September 13.  The Committee was  Chaired by Leah Vukmir and Jim Ott. Follow the above link to view the other members and subsequent vote.


5 thoughts on “Urgent : AB196 on Tuesday Calendar to remove Corporate reporting requirements, limit GAB oversight of Corporate spending in elections

  1. From a reader in Massachusetts – the news goes from worse to worse. What are you folks doing to stop this terrible legislation?

  2. Those aren’t the Joint Rules Committee members listed there–they’re ALL Representatives!! That’s the ASSEMBLY Rules Committee. And when Joint Committee voted on it, it did not vote unanimously. I agree this is bad, but can we at least do our homework? Berceau would vote for this??

    • Yes, sorry Bunny Foo Foo – I have fixed the mistake. The Assembly rules committee is listed, and now the Joint Special Committee is linked as well. The vote was on party lines, as you would expect…that does not negate the serious implications of this bill. Especially considering it will only need one house to approve its passage – so much for Democracy.

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