Scott Walker has Failed Wisconsin…part 3 – The Labor Day Edition

In an interview on WISC Channel 3 (Madison) from a Wausau event, Scott Walker stated that he and his other GOP colleagues have always “supported labor,” and have recognized that Labor Unions are part of the “economic engine” so necessary to a recovery. Either Scott Walker is delusional, or suffers from Anti-Social Personality Disorder. The aftermath of Walker’s policies are one of his biggest failures of his administration. Scott Walker has failed Wisconsin workers and labor.

Scott Walker’s first act as Governor was to sign into law a huge tax break to the wealthiest 2% of wage earners and largest Corporations in Wisconsin. The cost to Wisconsin taxpayers – over $100 million, at a time when Walker claimed falsely that “Wisconsin is broke.”  The classic “trickle-down” rationale was used that Corporate wealthy needed those tax breaks to create “good paying jobs” to get the economy going, and “Open Wisconsin for Business.”

Walker’s entire message was an unmitigated deception. Wisconsin was not broke – Walker’s own policies have expanded the state’s deficit, for now and the future. The worst deception is promoting tax breaks rewarding his political allies, and the lie that they will help Wisconsin’s working middle class. The simple truth is, that tax cuts have never, and will never create jobs – well documented fact. Over the last two decades, in fact, top-tier tax rates have dropped to the lowest they have been pre-Great Depression. The result is an increasing gap in wage equality – as great as pre-Great Depression levels, and putting the US in such International company as Uganda and El Salvador in income inequality.

The result of Walker’s “job creating” agenda has been clear. Wisconsin’s unemployment rate and numbers are growing faster than the national average. In fact, Scott Walker’s policies have halted a jobs recovery in Wisconsin, which began slowly in mid 2010.

(Graph source:US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Scott Walker’s job policies are failing. They are allowing Corporations in Wisconsin to achieve record profits, benefitting a select few (who happen to be his largest supporters), while being detrimental to the majority of Wisconsinites. It is a fact that strong collective bargaining agreements are crucial to wage equality and economic growth, yet Scott Walker has taken teachers and public employees away from the table. As Walker’s policies continue to take effect, Wisconsin will continue to lose family supporting jobs. He has never, and will never, stand with labor. Walker stands with the wealthy and Corporations – they will benefit from his policies, not Wisconsin workers.

Scott Walker has failed Wisconsin working middle class and families, and he deserves to be recalled.

We shall overcome! Happy Labor Day from Badger Democracy…remember what the unions have done for all of us this weekend.


11 thoughts on “Scott Walker has Failed Wisconsin…part 3 – The Labor Day Edition

  1. I’ve seen plenty of jobs created..when public employees prematurely retire out of fear of losing their benefits, they create a vacancy for the unemployed to apply for. I mean if the position is allowed to be filled, of course. Maybe that’s REALLY Walker’s job creation plan.

  2. This whole post is a load of (expletive deleted)
    Unemployment is not increasing faster than the national average [Link](

    Walker’s budget created a structural surplus, not expanded the deficit as claimed by this blog [Link](

    Walker campaigned on creating a better business climate in Wisconsin so I see no problem with creating tax breaks for corporations, and lo and behold WI jumped 17 spots in Best State to do Business rankings [Link](

    “policies…benefitting a select few” is just a plain lie [Link](

    So yeah, stop spreading this (expletive deleted) misinformation.

    Oh and sweet graphs that quote/link to no statistical data or reputable sources

    • In response to “WalkerRules”…I approved your comment, as I believe in displaying both sides of the argument. I did, however edit the expletives from your post. Please refrain from using them in future comments. The links to politifact you cite are completely biased evaluations of the facts at hand, and fail to take into account the actual numbers, which I reference in ALL my arguments. As previously written and referenced in this blog, Walker’s budget DOES create a structural deficit in the Transportation Fund. This is from the Legislative Fiscal Bureau analysis. These are simply facts that conservatives such as yourself refuse to accept. Unemployment data and Graphs are from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. As far as the rankings in “Business Friendly States” – again, a completely biased source with its own agenda of privatization and corporate political influence. Walker’s policies have no benefit – in fact they penalize – all but the top 2% of wage earners in the state – again, from Legislative Fiscal Bureau analysis.
      Politifact is staffed by The Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel and supported by the Ultra-Conservative Bradley Foundation and is, at best, a questionable source for analysis – at worst heavily biased. But it’s OK, keep watching Fox News, and listening to Rush, Belling, and Sykes, and everything will be fine in your world…

    • unemployment is at like 9% that is amazingly bad. Walker campaigned on creating 250,000 jobs, not even close. The very rich not paying their fair share, while you have the needy public school kids getting their budget gashed 810 million dollars true. The budget by law most be balanced every year. I don’t remember any other Gov. doing it by lies, force, refusing to compromise, and breaking the backs of teachers, and kids.

  3. How can anybody take seriously anyone past ten years of age who uses the word “swears”? Walker “uncreated” my job, made an enemy out of me, and hired cheaper labor to replace me. Not a net gain. It’s a net loss for education.

  4. scott walker should be recalled? i should hope so. wisconsin, don’t let time erase what this man and his cronies tried to do to you AND has done to you. he is an arrogant…

  5. Ok, you cant blame Scott walker for your job being “uncreated” We as a nation have moved many jobs overseas for cheaper labor and we were all okay with that, and I am sure you don’t buy everything American made.. So I believe we had to make some changes in Wisconsin and that is what he did, by increase the portion that state employees pay for their insurance. On average state employees pay 4-6% of the cost and non state employees pay 21%-32% so asking workers to pay more, how is that unfair? My employer took away my 401K incentives and you didn’t hear me blaming anyone, so now suck it up and deal with the change. Things happen and maybe not in the best interest for everyone(you obviously) so deal with it. My question to you all is, if you are all so unhappy with his changes, go get a different job.. You have the opportunity to do this, but I am sure you wont. My reason for that is because though you complain about your pay and benefits, they are still much better than other job benefits out there, so again I say, STOP complaining.

    • Just go get another job, Really that’s your advise? If someone has a higher level degree and calling to teach just go get another job. I have idea Walker is obviosly terrible at his job with his high school education and 9% unemployment I’m sure he’ll be fine. You say my boss screw me hy shouldn’t everyone else be screwed too. Openyour eyes

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