Dane County Sheriff’s Investigation Report confirms Prosser’s politicization, conflict, arrogance

The seventy page incident report released by the Dane County Sheriff’s Office today did not lead to Criminal Charges being filed, but the interviews conducted paint a clear picture of David Prosser’s behavior in Chambers. And it is not a pretty picture.

What is clear upon reading the manuscripts of the investigation (which will not be thoroughly reported by the media), is that Prosser was driven by desire for personal and political gain in his conduct. Prosser’s continued pressuring on behalf of the Fitzgerald brothers to gain a quick decision by the Court, along with his insistence on writing an individual opinion demonstrates his drive for political gain. His desperation for a partisan political decision in this case created, in his mind, a situation where he must win at all costs – causing him to come unhinged. The police report, along with all the interviews conducted, demonstrate that David Prosser has a history of “disruptive behavior” (Chief Justice Abrahamson), and no one knows what will “set him off” (also Abrahamson). It is obvious also by the record, that Justice Prosser now has no business being on any Court, much less the State Supreme Court. This investigation proves that even his peers on the bench are concerned over his behavior, and lack of judicial ethics. Moreover, this report also proves that Prosser did indeed touch Justice Bradley inappropriately in a workplace environment. The decision by Prosecutor Barrett was cowardly, at best – in most work environments, these resulting interviews would lead to immediate discharge and charges filed.

Read the report this weekend – David Prosser should face serious reprimand by the State Judicial Commission, and his peers on the bench should pressure him to resign, as he is an embarassment. Barring that, he should face impeachment or recall at the earliest possible time. Show Justice Bradley your support, as she is the victim of an unstable, self-serving, angry individual – who in any other workplace situation would be out of a job. If the State does not act upon this, the people should. David Prosser, you will follow Scott Walker down the recall road.


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