The Walker Recall – are you ready…are we ready…?

As of today, only eleven weeks until Scott Walker is eligible for recall. After a successful (by most objective observations) season of Senatorial recalls, declining popularity of Scott Walker, and people feeling the impact of the Collective Bargaining changes and Walker’s budget – passions are running high for the Governor’s recall. All one needs to do is search Facebook and Twitter to find this passion, and all the various timings and scenarios involved in beginning and executing the recall. Upon examination, all are with merit. An immediate recall embraces the passion of the moment, as well as getting Walker out of office ASAP – minimizing any further damage to Wisconsin working families and middle class. Those who hesitate with an immediate recall express concern over the timing, not only with the election itself, but the challenge of collecting petitions from November through December. Think football, school, homecomings, holidays, etc. Look at your calendar and be honest – how many of you could commit to six or seven days a week of volunteering during those months? Remember the numbers. Assume the need for 650,000 signatures – to be safe in the face of strenuous challenges. That requires the gathering of 10,833 signatures per day. Working 7 days a week, 12 hours a day (one must sleep and eat) requires 903 an hour, which brings us to 15 signatures a minute to achieve the goal of recalling Scott Walker. There is even a school of thought that sees the potential to re-take the Assembly and/or Senate in 2012, and that Walker could be a lame duck Governor, making him easy pickings in 2014. ALL these scenarios have merit. In the next few weeks, a consensus must be arrived at, along with floating the names of potential candidates – the right person would add a great deal of momentum to the movement. 

On June 22, Badger Democracy called for a summit of the groups with vested interest in the Recall of Scott Walker. While that may have seemed premature, consider that the Senatorial recalls are now over, and November is close at hand. As of today, that summit has not happened. A consensus must be reached, unity prevail, and we must come together in this effort, addressing four critical points at the basis of this effort.

Communication – Not only between the grassroots groups, PACS, Unions, etc. – but with our fellow citizens. The organizational blueprint must exist for communicating and owning the message. We cannot play defense, speaking to Scott Walker’s rhetoric and propaganda – we must be on offense with our simple, resonating messages, so he is on defense from the start. That time is now, before the Club for Growth, American Federation for Children, Americans for Prosperity money comes in by the truckload. This message must be spread not only through social media, but face-to-face in as many municipalities as we can find volunteers to spread the word. Grassroots “boots on the ground” will make the difference in this race – people will listen to their neighbor eye-to-eye more than any television ad. Effective, coordinated communication statewide.

Education – Follow-up to communication. Once the chain is established, simple and poignant messages telling the truth about the budget’s effects on the issues people care about– Collective Bargaining, Education, Healthcare, and Elderly/Child/Disabled Care – all issues Progressives win on. Use the communication structure to educate and deliver a simple, powerful message of how Scott Walker has failed to serve Wisconsin, and succeeded in representing Corporate takeover of Wisconsin.

Get Out The Vote – Follow-up to Education. The new Voter ID (read “suppression”) requires a key strategy to assure every eligible voter is indeed eligible and educated come election day. It would be a mistake to trust this to the GAB. An important task for any grassroots organization at this “summit” would be to take on an aggressive voter education/assurance program. The GOP has done everything it can to disenfranchise – Democrats must make it known that they are the party to “re-enfranchise” voters.

Money – A very unpopular topic in elections. Let’s be honest with ourselves – recalling Scott Walker cannot happen without major fundraising efforts – if nothing else, to support concepts 1-3 above. Wisconsin law allows for “conduit funds” which can be specified for a single candidate. Should that candidate emerge, there would be potential to establish this fund to channel monies in support from around the state, legally, transparently, and ethically. As much as we would like to think we can do this without an enormous expenditure – consider the money spent on just the 9 Senatorial recalls – how much is Scott Walker worth to Koch, WMC, SC Johnson, Kraft, AFC, CFG, etc.?

The reality from the summer recalls is clear – Scott Walker is vulnerable to recall, and the winds of change are blowing in Wisconsin. Fueled by a tremendous surge in progressive populism and grassroots efforts, WE can take back Wisconsin and send the world a message from the Badger State “with love for Democracy.” Come together, organize around the key issues, recall Scott Walker and move FORWARD.


5 thoughts on “The Walker Recall – are you ready…are we ready…?

  1. My theory is that we should count backwards from when we’d ideally like to see the actual recall election. Obviously not to coincide with the Republican primary, and I think the general 2012 election is far too long to wait, and there may be other things to consider of which I am not aware. Start collecting signatures based on that general timing. I am surprised that no summit has been held yet. If I can help in any small way, please call on me.

  2. Sorry to burst your bubble, but even union people in my part of Wisconsin are quite tired of this whole recall thing. I know someone, in fact, who broke her phone on the umpteenth robo-call. And non-union types are sick of having their tax money spent to support union-inspired recalls. Wake up!

  3. People are tired of recalls right now. They won’t be in 5 months when the Wisconsin economy continues to crash and more Walker corruption comes to light. It’s a good time to stay vigilant but not come off too heavy, and running ahead of the right-wing lies is a key. For example, point out all the major local government cuts and higher class sizes that are coming down the pike in the coming months. Right now, the “savings” are mere numbers, and will not translate into any kind of lower taxes or better services. Get on top of it.

    And I crunched the numbers from both the recall and recent guv elections, and not only is Walker vulnerable, he’d LOSE today, and not by a little. Walker;s position will be a lot worse as he has to own the failures over the next several months. Let’s make sure he does.

    • P.S.- Best timing is to start petitions around Thankgiving, finish up in mid-January. Hold a Dem primary election on April 5 to go along with the GOP presidential primary, and Scotty gets blown on around May 3, with students still in school and before he gets to screw up another budget. It would also be a deterrent toward any crazy social issue garbage that might go through the Legislature at the time.

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