Winning Recall Challengers Assume Office Immediately – GAB

Since there have been numerous questions posed as to when a successful recall challenger would take office, Badger Democracy contacted the GAB for a definitive answer this morning.

In a phone interview with Badger Democracy, Mike Haas of the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board advised that should a Democrat recall challenger win, they assume office “immediately upon certification of the election results.” After certification, they have 10 days to qualify” (take the oath) of office. Haas cited Wisconsin State Statute 9.10, subsection 5b regarding election procedures. The GAB would follow legal procedures regarding any recount challenges, but once the election is certified, the incumbent would be out of office, and the challenger required to qualify within 10 days to assume office.

That being said, any Democrat who wins tomorrow would take office immediately upon certification (usually about one week barring any legal challenges).



2 thoughts on “Winning Recall Challengers Assume Office Immediately – GAB

  1. A lot of damage can be done in a week… keep your eyes and ears open.

    Wisconsinites: New Yorkers are so proud of you we could burst. And the same is true for those in Oklahoma, Ohio, Michigan, Florida and Indiana…. you are the front lines, and we are grateful for your hard work in sending the message that WE THE PEOPLE are free… and the corporations are NOT our masters.

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