Why Wisconsin Recalls Will, and Must Succeed (and what the Media and GOP won’t report or admit)

The Wisconsin recalls represent a revolutionary movement against global Corporatic takeover, manifesting in our beloved Badger State. The first act (literally) of the Corporatists, under the guise of a Republican Governor and Legislators, was to revoke the right of workers to Collectively Bargain and organize. In spite of the right-wing propaganda machine, the right to assemble and collectively bargain is recognized by the United Nations as their “Global Compact – Principle Three” of basic human rights. In the disaster capitalist movements internationally (Chile, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Argentina, etc.), destroying labor unions (usually violently) was the first order of business. No different in Wisconsin – only the violence was replaced with unprecedented legislative underhandedness, liesdeceit, and power grabs. None of the sustained organic energy behind this movement is understood or reported by the mainstream media. Nor will the GOP king (and queen)pins ever acknowledge the agenda behind the powers we struggle against – their continued reign depends on it. We must spread the word through alternative media to the masses – as the mass media will continue their failure to see through the veil the Corporatics have created…the veil they hide behind in fear of  We the People.

The unreported, underground Corporatic agenda of divide and conquer through propaganda has been in full force in Wisconsin, as around the globe. Teachers, public workers, the unemployed are demonized as the media are complicit in the attack – too lazy to disclose the nature of the lie. Turning worker against worker, all the while the GOP puppets and lemmings create policy and legislation with outcomes consistent with historical and predicted outcomes. The effects on the majority of Wisconsinites – increased wealth/income gap, decreased real wages, expanded plutocracy, dissolution of real family-supporting jobs; as has been the pattern for decades. The resulting benefits for the Corporatic Robber Barons? Record profits, stockpiling trillions of dollars while the market and economy tanks, continuing their insulation from the economic reality facing the other 95% of us.

The mass media throughout this struggle has chosen to ignore and fails to report the true nature of the struggle and agenda of the right-wing Corporatics. The driving forces behind the “New World Economy” of cheap labor and unregulated multinational profits are the same forces behind the Americans for Prosperity commercials in Wisconsin recalls. The media fails to comprehend the absurdity of so-called “Tea Party” Republicans (bought and paid for by Koch Industries) holding the nation’s economy hostage for economic policies which will create third world conditions in our cities, and extend the recession – high unemployment, greater wealth disparity, record multinational profits, low wages, and dissolution of the middle class. The Corporatist propaganda of a “spending crisis” is never challenged – when in reality, as a result of three wars and a devastating recession (created by those who are now willing to extend it for their continued profit), our crisis is not spending – it is lack of good jobs and revenue. The coming times of austerity will benefit the already extremely wealthy – those who have promoted the same policies through buying the GOP. There will be plenty of willing workers for their low-wage, “new global economy” jobs in Wisconsin and the nation.

That is what the Corporatics, Republican and Democrat want. That is what the mass media fails to report, and what the Republicans in Wisconsin fail to acknowledge. That is why the Wisconsin recalls will and must win. It is our obligation to spread the Revolution through alternative media, get out the vote, and tell all our brothers and sisters in Wisconsin (union or not) what is at stake. The historic effects of these policies are evident worldwide, as now in Wisconsin. On Tuesday, we stand together and send the message to the world. We do not stand with Corporatic Robber Barons, we stand with Wisconsin. The people have a right to a government that represents the people – not Koch Industries, AT&T, Pfizer, etc. Through the polls, show them that “people should not be afraid of the government, government should be afraid of the people.” The Revolution starts here through the recalls, and will continue with a resurgence of Progressive values when they are completed. On, Wisconsin!


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