Hansen Landslide is reason for optimism (and reality)

With Democratic Senator Dave Hansen’s landslide defense of his State Senate seat in Green Bay Tuesday, there is cause for celebration and optimism – followed by a dose of reality. One can almost sense the momentum building as the summer recalls heat up, moving into next month’s Senatorial recall elections. In a few short months Scott Walker’s poll numbers have reached historic lows – he is the most divisive Governor in the nation. GOP incumbents are losing ground in their Senatorial seat defenses, and grassroots campaigns are highly energized and motivated by ardent volunteers and thousands of small donations to the cause. There is every indication that the Wisconsin Democratic Party will be following these Grassroots Organizations through the recall season – in essence, “join us, or get out-of-the-way.” Yes, there is reason for optimism tonight, today.

The battle has just begun, and a certain consequence of the Hansen victory will be increased focus and spending by the likes of the Heritage Foundation, Americans for Prosperity, and other right-wing money machines. This victory must serve as solidifying all Progressive Democrats together, now. Senator Miller and Representative Pocan made a giant step toward that in drafting a bill which would restore Collective Bargaining rights – this must be acknowledged and embraced by the entire party and recall candidates. The Unions must in turn continue their unwavering, unified support of all Democratic recall candidates – and the recall of Scott Walker. Taking a stand together, in this grassroots – led effort will counter the enormous financial storm about to descend on Wisconsin.

Indications are beginning to point to all Walker recall groups talking, coordinating, and working together in the very near future – as it should be. This Summer, stay energized, focused, and involved in the Senatorial recalls – and we will prevail in taking back half of the People’s House. And be prepared for the recall of Scott Walker – it will happen when the time is right…so stay unified. There will be a statewide need to spread the word, educate, inform, engage, discuss, and gather petition signatures legally and ethically. As the Grassroots effort leads the way, the Democratic Party resources will play a supporting role – but make no doubt, this is a People’s movement.

Step 1 – Help our great recall challengers take back the Senate. Step 2 – Inform and engage statewide. Step 3 – Gather 700,000 legal signatures in 60  days. Step 4 –  Recall Scott Walker. Step 5 –  Work together to right the wrongs of the current administration. For now, we have reason to celebrate in the next 24 hours. Then back to work – we have a Democracy to save. Together.


3 thoughts on “Hansen Landslide is reason for optimism (and reality)

  1. CRUSH? Hansen had all kinds of out of state money to spend. His opponent had neither the support of his party or many in his district. Fleebagger Hansen should have won by bigger numbers then he did. This was an insignificant victory for fleebagger Dave.

    • Ah, the irony of GOP supporters blaming “out of state money” – where does the majority of out of state money and influence go? Hint – ALEC, Koch, Heritage Foundation, AFP, Friedman Foundation…etc. The undoing of the GOP in these recalls is their inability to understand this is truly a grassroots movement – countering the greatest corporatist movement since the gilded age.

  2. To call it grassroots is comical. Just from two Washington DC based unions over $6,381,867 in money has flowed into this state to help Democrats.Out of state influences mostly unions AFL-CIO and AFSCME have been the major players in the re4calls directing and supporting the so called grassroots efforts.

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