Walker emails expose knowledge of Foley and Lardner (and Company) work on radical Municipal Governance Legislation

An email received by Badger Democracy through Open Records Request from Scott Walker’s staff prove that Walker met with Foley and Lardner lobbyists and the Greater Milwaukee Committee (GMC) in January, 2011 to discuss GMC-supported Municipal Governance Reform Legislation.  A further email from December 2010 proves that Walker had discussed the key issues of statewide Municipal Governance Reform with GMC President Julia Taylor prior to even taking office as Governor. These email records confirm previous reports by Ed Garvey (FightingBob.com), Badger Democracy, and Rick Ungar (Forbes) in April. These reports exposed Foley and Lardner lobbyists’ roles in drafting radical Municipal Governance Reform Legislation for The Greater Milwaukee Committee, based on their ALEC-influenced “Make It Your Milwaukee County Initiative. In spite of inside source confirmation received by Badger Democracy, Scott Walker publicly denied that he or his staff had any working knowledge of any such legislation. The emails obtained from his staff prove that denial to be another in a long series of lies and cover-ups.

The December 21, 2010 email arranges a meeting with GMC President Julia Taylor, Mike Grebe (Walker’s Campaign Manager, Chair of the GMC, and Bradley Foundation Chair), Shel Lubar (Private Investment Banker – has been calling for the consolidation of Milwaukee County Government since 2008), Ray Carey, Mary Panzer, and Brian Schupper (all lobbyists for Smart Government, Inc.). The email also mentions that Walker had discussed the issue with Taylor at a “previous Friday” engagement for the GMC – before even taking office as Governor. The concept of eliminating and consolidating Milwaukee County Government was a favorite of Walker’s while he was County Executive. In the County, he never had the votes. As the email suggests, these concepts “could be applied to other counties or local governmental units.” In other words, statewide – where Walker would now have the votes.

The January 21, 2011 email reflects the actual meeting schedule. Noteworthy also is January 21 as the official date “Smart Government, Inc.” is registered as a Lobbying firm in Wisconsin. The GMC also meets with Chief Tubbs from the Capitol Police. The purpose of the contact with Tubbs is unknown – Badger Democracy is awaiting a response from the Chief’s Office . These two emails clearly show that Governor Walker was working with the GMC, and Smart Government Inc/Foley and Lardner  lobbyists as they “pushed” this legislative agenda. In fact, as exposed by Ed Garvey and source-confirmed by Badger Democracy, Foley and Lardner lobbyists wrote the legislation (yet to be introduced).

Further, a February 11, 2011 email confirms that Walker had advance knowledge of the GMC’s “Make It Your Milwaukee County Initiative.” As the previous emails show, Walker has had intimate knowledge of GMC’s agenda since his time as County Executive in Milwaukee. The “MY Milwaukee County Initiative” goals have been pursued by Walker since he was a legislator and ALEC member – consolidation, privatization, and reduction of Public Services. A previously reported email from Rep. Robin Vos proved the link between GMC’s lobbying firm Smart Government Inc., Koch Industries, ALEC, and the “Make it Your Milwaukee County Initiative” – they all share the same language, the same agenda, the same goal.

Under Wisconsin Statute, Scott Walker does not need a “Financial Emergency Manager” as previously reported.   Since Wisconsin Municipalities cannot declare bankruptcy, Walker only needs the right “tools” to measure fiscal insolvency to swoop down, consolidate and privatize public services – for the benefit of corporate Robber Barons. He knows this – that is why the GMC agenda being authored and lobbied by Smart Government Inc is so dangerous. Walker not only knew who was involved, what the agenda was, and what it means for the state’s municipalities – he supported and created the agenda himself while an ALEC legislator, and fought for it as Milwaukee County Executive. With the GMC initiatives and Act 21 in place, Walker has all the “tools” he needs to privatize and consolidate public services in Wisconsin.

Walker’s statement of wanting to have taken “more time to make the public aware” of the imminent passage of Act 10 (collective bargaining) is the biggest lie Walker has told to date. As he covered up the details of that action, he has covered up the details (indeed any knowledge whatsoever) of this still pending legislation. Walker knows the firestorm that awaited him with Act 10 – as he knows the public outcry of any attempted radical state co-opting of municipalities. Thanks to Ed Garvey – we have been warned. Walker and his corporate shills will attempt to hand over municipal resources and services through privatization and consolidation, making a very few very wealthy. The back-door deal has been exposed. The Corporatics can no longer hide in the shadows. Share the truth, stand up for Wisconsin.

What are you willing to do to change the course Corporatic Politicians like Scott Walker would have us follow?


One thought on “Walker emails expose knowledge of Foley and Lardner (and Company) work on radical Municipal Governance Legislation

  1. “Municipal Governance Reform Legislation” Hmmm, where have I heard that term before?

    Ahha! Reasons 21 and 22 for our founders to declare independence from an overbearing government:

    “For taking away our charters, abolishing our most valuable laws, and altering fundamentally the forms of our governments:

    “For suspending our own legislatures, and declaring themselves invested with power to legislate for us in all cases whatsoever[, also known as Municipal Governance Reform’.]”

    Declaration of Independence
    (Adopted by Congress on July 4, 1776)

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