Breaking – Prosser allegations investigated

WPR, as reported in the Capital Times, reports authorities are investigating allegations that Justice Prosser “grabbed” Justice Bradley “around the neck” during heated arguments – prior to the release of the controversial decision overturning Judge Sumi’s Open Meetings ruling. If these allegations are true, it proves an often rumored pattern of behavior by Justice Prosser. If true, he should be unilaterally called on to resign, period.


3 thoughts on “Breaking – Prosser allegations investigated

  1. This article sparks a thought: After the Senate recall races are complete, and we prepare for the recall of Walker, is there anyone else we should be recalling, as long as we’re out gathering signatures? Rebecca Kleefisch, JB Van Hollen, Ron Johnson? Those justices who voted with Scott Walker? Prosser will not have been in office a year by the time we recall Walker, but a few others will be. I know that’s alot of recall petitions for someone to sign, and a ton of volunteers will have to get it done, but I’m thinking it could be done.

    OK, more than a thought, I admit. But it makes me think the upcoming July 10th event music “TOTAL RECALL: Get Out the Vote” is aptly named, not only for the Senate recall races, but for Walker and his other non-legislature cronies, both state and federal. (More info will be available on this live-streamed benefit for the Wisconsin recall effort next week.)

    Or how about this: Prosser resigns and we be polite, recall-wise, to those who voted with him. No wait, on second thought, polite to everyone else but Gableman.

    In Solidarity,

    Patrick Williams,

    • I’m not certain – IF the allegations are true, and IF he resigns or is impeached, the vacancy is a Constitutionalyy elected office. I believe the Governor would have to appoint a fill-in Justice until a special election could be called. Not sure – would want confirmation of this procedure. Good question, and thanks.

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