Scott Walker’s Coronation is Complete with Publication of 2011 Wisconsin Act 21

The greatest blow to the system of political checks and balances in Wisconsin did not come in the form of a politically biased, legally vacant, and ethically bankrupt Supreme Court Decision.  The State’s High Court rendered a hastily and poorly constructed decision that was lambasted by the Chief Justice and legal scholars. While its decision sent a message that the Conservative majority was willing to recognize Walker as Sovereign; the true coronation came on May 23, 2011 – published on June 7, 2011. The Legislative Branch forfeited its role as a Constitutional check of power to the Executive Branch in passing revisions to Act 21. The recent Court and Legislative action has succeeded in creating a modern-day monarchy in Wisconsin under Scott Walker, King.

Wisconsin Act 21 began its life as Assembly Bill 8  in the 2011 January Special Session. The bill was introduced by the Joint Committee on Organization at the request of Governor Walker and Rep. Thomas Tiffany (R-Hazelhurst). The sweeping implications of the bill received little public scrutiny, in light of current events. There was one public hearing in the Assembly and none  in the Senate(the meeting was waived by the rules committee). There was a suspension of rules during debate in both houses, and Democrats offered multiple amendments to moderate the bill in vain. This nefarious Act deals with the rule-making authority within the Executive branch of State Government.

In the past, Governors have had authority to make rules that were subject to Legislative scrutiny and oversight. The scope of these rules is wide and far-reaching, so there has always been both legislative and judicial checks to this power. The 2011 Act 21, published on June 7, repeals the balance of power from the Legislature over the Chief Executive. The Governor now has the authority to originate and author any Administrative or Emergency rules. He also has the final authority to decide which are enacted, and which are not. In the past, the Legislature could suggest alterations or changes to rules, and send them back to the Governor for revision. The Joint Rules Committee could even prevent a rule from taking effect. Under the new Act 21, the Legislature has given Governor Walker free reign over any rules he may choose to enact.

When reached for comment, an Erpenbach staffer verified that under Act 21 Scott Walker has the authority to “write and originate any rules,” and that the Legislature has “no oversight.”  There is no limit to the scope of a rule. The only remaining Constitutional challenge against unlimited rule-making authority at this time lies in the courts – and most of Wisconsin knows how that would play out.

Welcome to the Kingdom of Fitzwalkerstan. The courts and legislature have voluntarily neutered themselves, relinquishing power to Scott Walker. The Wisconsin Constitution provides for three co-equal and separate branches of Government, each with checks and balances against the other. Our elegant Constitution was written to preserve the rights and freedoms of the minority against the tyrannical will of the majority – as our forefather’s had experienced in fleeing their homelands for a newer, freer nation. In present day Wisconsin, however, the tyrannical majority party has fulfilled its mission of a bloodless coup d’etat. The minority party is now under the rule of a single, authoritarian branch of Government – the representative of a tyrannical majority that forfeited any constitutional oversight within a matter of weeks.

It can be understood why people voted for Scott Walker – they were afraid. The constant drum beating of fiscal doom, the thought that our “way of life” itself is threatened has scared people into relinquishing their basic rights in a Constitutional State for financial and physical security. The majority party has gone too far. The Constitution lies shredded on the Assembly, Senate, and Supreme court floors. Shredded by the lies, laziness, and ideology of the Corporatic Republicans.  The time for the peaceful Revolution is now. The time to communicate the truth to the people is now. Spread the word – we will not be subjugated by the tyrannical majority. The minority is, in reality, the majority. Organize, tell the truth of the story, take back the principles of Democracy for everyone. The recalls are the Revolution – take part in Democracy, you are the future of Wisconsin.


7 thoughts on “Scott Walker’s Coronation is Complete with Publication of 2011 Wisconsin Act 21

  1. The king should not get used to that crown. The crap he tried in Milwaukee County ended up costing the county $500k when the appeals court reversed him. Add the $7.5 million Walker and the Fitz gang cost the state in “security” for the “king” and the little Fitzprinces, and you can get a feel for how much this buttzit is going to cost the state before we boot him to the curb next year.

  2. Thanks for posting this. It was this action that got me paying attention to Wisconsin politics. It was the budget repair bill that got me out of my chair, though.

  3. Although I wholeheartedly agree with the width an breadth of your article I must respectfully disagree with your final sentence: The Recalls are NOT the Revolution. They are merely one tool in the People’s arsenal. Though they must happen and must be pushed forward, much greater measures must also be taken; accountability of ALL politicians being one of them; the greater demands of the People being another. Thank you for bringing this Article 21 issue to light for those that didn’t know or didn’t understand what a silent, bloodless coup d’etat looks like. Keep up the great work.

  4. “understood why people voted for Scott Walker – they were afraid”
    Afraid after the GOP manipulated the message enough. They’re also not educated about the political process and not engaging with it enough throughout the year. They want somebody else to take care of politics for them. If we want Democracy, we’ll have to speak, eat, and breathe Democracy.

  5. Scott Walker, should take a history lesson, on Constituional Laws…
    As it is in this State of Wisconsin, or as in all States, control of the decisions affecting We the People of Wisconsin or alse where, is in the hands of few. Our institutions merely vive an easier opportunity to the many whenever they have the will and the inteligence to improve their coditions. Wh have learned that for form of government amounts to very little. The real question is, Where does the control of that government reside? What laws are Scott Walker using that allow him to violate the Supreme Law of the Land? Remember its not We the Government…its “We The People”…

  6. There has never been any democracy in our fundamental and most essential commonwealth – nature and wildlife. Killers of wildlife and the misnamed “Conservation Congress” which even progressives ignore, have controlled nature for mass murder of our web of life that sustains all of us – since Wisconsin became a state. That might have been ok a hundred years ago when hunting was survival hunting – but now that 99% of it is trophy, recreational, thrill killing – and it has expanded to take ALL of our public lands purchased since 1876 by all citizens – to a mandate to provide maximum hunting and trapping – yes, trapping not only in our former wildlife refuges (long gone) but iin our county and state parks – this is not acceptable. 3 million wildlife watchers are interested in the most powerful economic engine of the state nature activities, appreciating living wildlife. We bring 11 times the revenue to state and local tax coffers as hunters and yet we have never had a say.

    As the slaughter of 5,000 black bears begins next week, with 19,000 idiots with packs of dogs running defenseless bears into trees and shooting them trapped – 2/3 of them cubs – we bear the shame of being complicit with neglecting the suffering of millions of wild brethren – by our apathy and ignorance. Please read my new column Madravenspeak on the Capital Times web site, online every other Sunday.

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