“Extraordinary Session” Requires Extraordinary Action

A call to action to the citizens of Wisconsin: The Wisconsin Legislature will be convening in an “Extraordinary Session” at 11am on Tuesday morning. A legislative Fiscal Bureau Guide to “Special and Extraordinary Sessions”  explains these sessions have existed under Legislative Rule since 1977. In this case the Session was called by a majority of the Committees on Organization in both houses – perfectly legal under Legislative Rules. Under this “Extraordinary Session,” the Legislature is free to suspend most rules regarding bill notification, debate, and may consider the entire budget, as the purpose of the Session dictates. The Legislature may also expand the Extraordinary Session to whatever other business it chooses upon completion of the budget. This due to the fact that the Legislature “makes its own rules” (so to speak) under this type of session. As long as the Republicans have the votes, they can remain in Extraordinary Session, free to pass whatever they choose. The entire State Budget being taken up in Extraordinary Session is unprecedented. This type of session has only occurred 6 times since created in 1977 (see link above, page 15). Obviously, Republicans are going to attempt pushing as much through this session as possible before the recalls. This leads to two very important issues – and these are specific calls to action for anyone reading and sharing this blog.

1. To The Democratic Party – Enough of this nonsense of running “legitimate” Democratic challengers to force and lose in a primary. Your time, energy, and resources are needed to back the amazing people who have stepped forward in each of the Senate Districts we need to win. It will be paramount to retain the three Democratic seats likely up for recall as well. With the public, perception is reality – we need the “on-the-fence” voters to swing our way to win the recall elections and establish a base for the Walker recall. A play like this will create a “perception” of impropriety. We are better than that. Challenge the fake Democrats’ petitions under Wisconsin Statute with the GAB and Dane County DA, and hasten the recall elections – which need to happen sooner rather than later due to the radical action being taken in the Legislature. Don’t divide the party at such a crucial juncture in history. If you pursue this course of action, you have negated months of effort to be seen as above such self-destructive political games for short-term gain.

To All The Citizens of Wisconsin – This is a defining moment in the Progressive Movement and State history. Governor Walker, The Fitzgeralds, and GOP Legislators have committed many wrongs against the people of this state. Collective Bargaining aside; they have violated Wisconsin Law to hastily pass unjust legislation. They have given hundreds of millions of dollars in tax cuts to the wealthiest and largest corporations. They have pushed a lazy and corrupt agenda in Wisconsin that was formulated decades ago in Corporate board rooms, bent on seizing control of every resource in the state for their own profit at taxpayer expense. They have cut hundreds of millions of dollars from the great Wisconsin Public School system, and put millions into a private school experiment with zero public accountability or obligation. They have broken their promises – spending is increasing in the Walker Budget (over the last biennium), taxes are going up on the working Wisconsinite (property and income), and they are raiding segregated funds to pay for their corporate – sanctioned policies. The Budget would require the State of Wisconsin to BORROW start-up funds for a speculative business program (state risk for private gain). All this justified by the lie that Wisconsin is “broke.” If you are reading this, you know what this Budget means for Wisconsin. Therefore: 

This is a call for ALL THE CITIZENS OF WISCONSIN to participate in peaceful, mass, SILENT DEMONSTRATION THIS WEEK! Stand together in Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay, LaCrosse, Eau Claire, every city, town and village in stone silence during the protests. The message is simple – Scott Walker and the Republicans are silencing the voice of Democracy by closing the Capitol, closing the Legislature, and selling off Wisconsin to the highest bidder. When 11AM on Tuesday arrives – stop what you are doing, no matter where you are, and be silent. Be still. Be a rock. The power of this message will resonate to EVERY citizen. A violent mob will serve to damage our public perception and strengthen the GOP position – a massive wall of silence and stillness will impact every witness. Imagine the enormity of the message all across the state. Movement leaders should be called on to support this “SILENT STRIKE” in Wisconsin.

   You are angry – if not, you haven’t been paying attention. There are calls for mass protests this week, the nature of which the Governor has planned for. It was “leaked” last week the story of hundreds of State Troopers being bussed in for added security. Reports of surveillance teams monitoring social media from GEF 2 (Hi!). Let me say this bluntly – Governor Walker is planning on violence. It plays directly into his hand, and strengthens it. We cannot win when we play into his plan – avert it. Stand strong, stand silent, stand united. Then sing, or chant, or hum – but remain peaceful in protest. Show the entire state by our numbers and our resolve that we will not resort to THEIR tactics to win. We win because we are right. We win because WE are Wisconsin. 

11:oo AM Tuesday. Wherever you are we will stand together, strong and silent. Let your voices be heard through email, phone, letter, and civil discourse. Spread the message, share the strength of unity. Show them who we are. Support a “Silent Strike” for Wisconsin.


8 thoughts on ““Extraordinary Session” Requires Extraordinary Action

  1. Are we tired of being asked to go to the back of the bus by corporate schills?
    More tax breaks for the rich?
    The country is for the people not the rich only.
    They have one vote like we do. Where is this oppression originating from?
    A few people who believe suppressing their working brethern gains them a place with the rich?
    What is the logic behind these anti-social policies?

    Is there any?

  2. I am sorry but this is the most non-productive idea I have ever read. It appears the author has forgotten that in Wisconsin “We Fight Back” The very notion that we should be silent and do nothing is like telling somebody to stand in the middle of the road but to ignore the approaching vehicle which is about to run them over.

    Walker, the Fitzgerald’s have done Wisconsin wrong by pushing legislation which will fundamentally alter Wisconsin by creating decades of problems which will take a long time to correct.

    Now is not the time to be silent.

    • Yes a stupid idea indeed. It is damaging too. It totally feeds into Fox talking points. It correlates the expression of basic constitutional freedoms as speech as somehow violent. It will do more to discourage people from going out than anything.

    • This statement reminds me of the man who stood silently in front of the tank in Tiananmen Square. Sometimes when you stand silently and do nothing the approaching vehicle stops. I agree that the idea is non-productive, but perhaps it’s time for a general strike. Sometimes silence speaks loader than words.

  3. This is so cool! What a great idea! and from what I am seeing online This idea keeps evolving.

    I have read that some people who feel that their legislators are not listening to them, those people will call at 1103 and just be silent, and if their senator or representative who isnt listening to them just hangs up from the silence, they will RECALL them on the phone and just be silent again. in protest.

    I have seen it said that this could be a sign of solidarity for anyone who cannot make it to the Capitol that they can feel the strength of our community at 11:03 am for 11 minutes and 3 seconds of strong silence in a symbol that it can be the beginning of the recall process for Scott Walker on November 3 of this year.

    I have heard people who say they are tired of the media coverage not representing them or listening to the real story say that at that time 11 am they will call their media and just be silent.

    Others have said this time every day 11:03 am could mark a moment to silently protest Scott walker and work consistently on a daily basis at 1103 am for 11 minutes towards a recall., whether its signing a pledge, donating to a recall campaign, helping a phone bank or just talking persuasively to a friend, colleague or family member about what it means and why Scott Walker has to go.
    This idea is taking off and being adopted by so many different people in their own way, for their own reasons, in a way that makes us all feel in some small way unified in our goal if not in our reasons.

  4. “Let me say this bluntly – Governor Walker is planning on violence. It plays directly into his hand, and strengthens it. We cannot win when we play into his plan – avert it.”

    Really? What do you call REPEATEDLY LOSING ON ALL FRONTS SINCE WALKER TOOK OFFICE THEN? Nonviolence is what actually plays directly into the GOP strategists plans — don’t you realize that all they have to do is ignore us, and that even in our politically-inclined, insulated groups of friends people are still ignorant of what’s going on? If we wish to be nonviolent we can continue to achieve the same results. They want us to limited ourselves to being obnoxious — they’ve grown used to such tactics. Without any action, the population stops caring. Revolution, or in this case re-liberation, doesn’t occur without violence or the threat of violence. Gandhi was opposing an occupying foreign army at the long end of a supply route — nonviolence in India at this time was attacking the supply lines of the enemy. Martin Luther King Jr. had help from Federal Troops enforcing laws after he raised awareness, not to mention the alternative black militants offered had his effort not succeeded. You and everyone else needs to pull their head out of the 60s.

  5. Going as close to the line as possible is good. Going over the line so they have an excuse to exclude us is NOT good.

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