Envision the Walker Recall – an Open Letter to lovers of Democracy

This writing may seem premature with recalls for Legislators yet to be decided and so many budget battles before us. I would argue now is the time to seriously contemplate the successful recall of Scott Walker. The passion and enthusiasm to recall Governor Walker is understandable. What he and his minions are doing to Wisconsin counters every principle this great state has cherished for generations. There are thousands waiting in line to sign the petition legally and legitimately, and thousands waiting to volunteer for the effort. In no way do I question that passion, nor do I wish to slow the process of getting Scott Walker the hell out of office (pardon my French). I write this letter to ask all those seeking the goal of recalling Scott Walker to unite, put aside personal agendas and goals, understand the immense task at hand, and be humbled by the enormity of our stated goal.

From the filing of the petition to recall, we will have a mere sixty days to gather the necessary minimum of 540,206 signatures. Let no one underestimate the enormity of this task. To date, the group United Wisconsin has only collected a little over 185,000 signatures. Granted, enthusiasm has waned in lieu of more critical and immediate battles – still, the number is daunting. Crunching the numbers, assume the need for 650,000 signatures – to be safe in the face of strenuous challenges. That requires the gathering of 10,833 signatures per day. Working 7 days a week, 12 hours a day (one must sleep and eat) requires 903 an hour, which brings us to 15 signatures a minute to achieve the goal of recalling Scott Walker. This is not being written to dissuade the effort – on the contrary, it is being written to encourage the great effort needed by everyone.

That is the key – everyone must work together. It sounds simplistic, but the idea in such a time is far from simple. This is a call for individuals, groups, and organizations to set aside personal, political, and ideological goals and agendas for one cause and the greater good. In fact, for the soul of the state. In such a politically charged time, there will be ample opportunity for those with great ambition to put personal gain ahead of the mission – and perhaps be oblivious to their unintended consequences. Listen, discuss, and engage, but be of an open mind to your fellow patriots. We will all have a role in this undertaking, and we must do our part. Most of all, we must be patient.

Patience – a difficult concept when your rights are being stripped away. From the schools, to the polls, to the cities and villages we live in, our lives and rights are being diminished. In speaking with those closest to the recall process, some are calling for immediate action in November – culminating in delivery of petitions in January, the earliest possible date. Others favor a more deliberate approach – timing petitions to coincide with mid-summer drives, taking advantage of a simultaneous Presidential Election. These options must be weighed now – consensus must be reached and agreed upon by all parties involved, unifying all groups under one umbrella. Some leaders will become followers, and must do so gladly, knowing the stakes are so high. We have one shot at this – money will be pouring in to protect Walker, grassroots effort and unity is our only defense. The data from recent elections will have to be utilized by expert analysts, determining areas of focus around the state where success is likely in garnering signatures. Time is of the essence, no room for spending 12 hours in a heavily Republican voting district. Coordinated efforts will be needed county-by-county, focusing on high probability success – and legal gathering methods. There will be no time or room for error – and very little time for scattered petition drives that may detract from an otherwise united effort.

 I ask the reader to share this writing widely – not to discourage, but to encourage anyone reading it to visualize what a successful recall looks like, and feels like. Visualize every progressive person in the state coming together in sixty amazing days; selflessly and dedicated to one goal – the taking back of Democracy in Wisconsin. Should the recall happen immediately? Or are the holidays too difficult of a time to have the necessary commitment, weather working against us, low voter interest? Is it better to ride the wave into a Presidential Election? Ponder these questions, discuss them, and keep an open mind. Think deliberately on what this recall looks like to you, and what it means to you – then ask your neighbors, friends, fellow progressives, and really listen. As you do, take part in the Republican Senatorial recalls closest to you, get involved as a progressive, and get people registered to vote! When the time is right, we will unite to recall Scott Walker, and right the wrongs he has perpetrated on the people and idea of Wisconsin.


2 thoughts on “Envision the Walker Recall – an Open Letter to lovers of Democracy

  1. The writer makes a good point that it will take a Herculean effort to get the required quantity of recall Walker signatures. What he does not even mention is that filing a petition is only the first step. Someone has to run against Walker, and actually beat him.

    Seems to me that having at least some idea of an actual viable candidate ought to be the first step.

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