Scott Walker Open Records Request – Smart Government Inc., et al.

On May 3rd, bdgrdemocracy sent an Open Records Request to Governor Scott Walker’s Office. The basis of the request is drawn from information published from sources on April 18 , April 19 , and April 26 .

All of these assertions are supported by quotes, documentation, and reliable inside sources. Yet to date, Governor Walker denies any knowledge of legislation affecting Wisconsin Municipalities. Further, the Governor and GOP legislative leadership refuse to disclose the roles of outside lobby interests in drafting such legislation. To promote the open government that Wisconsin has been known for (and the people deserve), bdgrdemocracy submitted the following Open Records Request:

Scott Walker Open Records Request

The individuals cited are the lobbyists registered with Smart Government, Inc.; and Michael Grebe, Chair of the Greater Milwaukee Committee and Walker’s Election Committee. Similar requests were submitted to Scott and Jeff Fitzgerald, Alberta Darling, and Robin Vos. These requests aim to clarify the role of a private, outside lobbying interest in drafting legislation that will have great effect on municipalities and citizens of Wisconsin. It  will also clarify the Governor and Legislator’s involvement in drafting such legislation under cover of a private lobbying and corporate interest.

Bdgrdemocracy will post the information as it is available. Repeated attempts to gain comment or statements from the above offices have been unsuccessful. There would be no need for a “fiscal transparency” bill if current GOP leadership practiced open governance for the people, instead of corporate interests.


One thought on “Scott Walker Open Records Request – Smart Government Inc., et al.

  1. Another Wis GOP candidate who needs a bit more transparency is Tea Party lady, Kim Simac challenging Dem incumbent, Jim Holperin. Ms. Simac has a 501(c)(4) “civic organization”, in which she can shield from the public her sources and uses of funds for political activity…unless this becomes her “primary” activity of the organization…at which time her activity becomes illegal according to the IRS. Seems to me Ms. Simac should exercise more openness and transparency regarding her true “agenda” and shadowy backers by making this information available to the people of Northern Wisconsin

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