Source confirms Walker’s knowledge of covert Municipal Governance Legislation

On Tuesday, April 26, a highly placed source in The Greater Milwaukee Committee confirmed that Governor Scott Walker is aware of legislation that would affect Municipal Governance in Wisconsin. As previously reported in this blog April 18-19; lobbyists working for Foley and Lardner have been drafting legislation to be introduced in the Wisconsin Legislature. After publicly denying any knowledge of this type of legislation, citing that there is “no truth whatsoever” and “completely bogus” claims, it is now known that Scott Walker is aware of this bill-authoring activity.

The lynchpin between Greater Milwaukee Committee (GMC) and Walker is the lobbying group Smart Government, Inc. A quick re-cap in case you need a refresher. Smart Government Inc (SGI) was chartered with the Secretary of State on January 7, 2011 (The Koch Lobby Madison offices were authorized on January 5 – two days before SGI was chartered). The charter holder is Raymond Carey, an attorney for Foley and Lardner in Madison, former Republican Caucus leader, and lobbyist for Koch Industries in Madison at 10 E. Doty Street  Carey has also given nearly $10,000 to Republican campaigns in the 2008, 2010 elections. On the Secretary of State website, the principal office for SGI is listed as 301 W. Wisconsin Ave. Ste 300, Milwaukee. This is the exact same address as the GMC. Listed as the “Policy Director” for SGI is Brian Schupper, also the “Director of  Policy” for GMC. The listed phone number for Mr. Schupper, SGI is (414)905-0118 – his direct line for GMC. The connection is obvious – SGI is the lobbying front for GMC, chaired by Michael Grebe. Former CEO of Foley and Lardner, The ultra conservative Bradley Foundation, Chair of the Walker election campaign, and significant donor to recent Republican campaigns ($23,000 over two elections ) SGI exists solely to forward the GMC’s agenda to Walker and Republican Legislators who have subscribed to the Koch, ALEC (see previous blogs), and corporatic influence over American Policy and legislation. The same Foley and Lardner lobbyists working for SGI also work for Koch Co. Public Lobby LLC in Madison – Ray Carey, Jason Childress, and Kathleen Walby

The source, after clarifying their understanding of the pending proposal, the public nature of the GMC studies and initiatives, and the GMC history behind it, stated that “Governor Walker knows as much about what is being written (in this legislation) as anyone else (on The Greater Milwaukee Committee) based on our public studies.” The source cited the “Make It Your Milwaukee County Initiative” The-MY-Milwaukee-County-Initiative1 (2011) as being the influence for this legislation. Citing “fiscal stress tests,” “municipal government transparency,” and “tools” for local government as the key components of this legislation, the source insisted that there is no “financial martial law” language in this bill. When asked as to whether there was any previous discussion of such language, they stated that was never the “intent” of the GMC, nor has that language existed in any of their policy studies. The source was very clear that Governor Walker has known about this work, and was concerned at all the publicity surrounding this issue, stating that no one should take issue with legislating for “fiscal transparency.”

While true that the “Make it Your Milwaukee County Initiative” does not specifically call for financial martial law; if expanded to the entire state, the initiative does call for regionalization, shared services, reduction in municipal governance, privatization, and consolidation of services and authority to the state. More concerning was my sources insistence that GMC never supported the elimination of a Governing body. Quite the contrary. In January 2010, the study conducted by the Public Policy Institute on behalf of the GMC (“Should it Stay or Should it Go”) was commissioned specifically to study the elimination of Milwaukee County Government as it exists today MilwaukeeCountyStructure.Full , as stated on document page 120. This “Scenario 1” is detailed on page 123. The GMC, while Walker was County Executive, authored a report supporting the elimination of Milwaukee County Government, a position supported by Walker (see Isthmus Citizen op-ed

This brings us to today. Scott Walker is aware of this pending legislation based on ideological policies he has supported longer than he has been Governor. There are two possible scenarios – both cannot be true simultaneously. First – Walker, my sources and the GMC are being completely truthful. There has never been any discussion, support, or publication of any policy similar to “Fiscal Martial Law” for municipalities in Wisconsin. This is all a big misunderstanding; everyone has misinterpreted their noble efforts to right our fiscal ship. They just want “fiscal transparency” so citizens know when their communities are in financial trouble – nothing to see here, move along.

Second scenario – they are telling “half-truths” – known as lies in some circles. The published documents and studies from the GMC are consistent in their tone and message.  I have included the links – read them for yourself. Yes, they include “stress tests,” and “financial transparency;” but they also support dismantling of a County Government. They support mass privatization, regional shared services, and “structural changes” to Municipal Government. Would the GMC charter a lobby group with well-connected (Koch Co.) Foley and Lardner Attorneys/Lobbyists (SGI) to forward their agenda in the legislature – then leave out the biggest piece of the pie? I submit a scenario in which this “martial law” type language was in the bill being worked on at Smart Government Inc, and Foley and Lardner. When the information became public through Ed Garvey, Bdgrdemocracy, Rick Ungar, and others who followed the story, changes began taking place (in fact, probably are continuing to be). That language is being changed – again, this is just the beginning of the story. Our legislators will need to be vigilant and look at this legislation with a microscope. Scott Walker has known of this all along; as he is a puppet for the likes of the Greater Milwaukee Committee, Koch Industries, and every other Corporatic whose policies he is a disciple for. His administration’s silence on this issue needs to end. A simple denial is useless – there is still more to this story, and Wisconsinites have a right to know the content of legislation, and who is drafting that legislation so greatly affecting their lives. After receiving this confirmation, I phoned Cullen Werwie twice. I left very specific messages as to what I required comment on by the end of the day. Not surprisingly, I received no return call. Scott Walker’s continued silence on this issue says more than any denial ever could. Stay vigilant, stay strong, Wisconsin.


5 thoughts on “Source confirms Walker’s knowledge of covert Municipal Governance Legislation

  1. One piece that concerns me is Mayor Taylor’s (My Milwaukee County Initiative Task Force member) description of the tools he needs to implement his plan to privatize city services. Is this the end game of the Walker administration when he cuts funding to a point where the cities have no other choice but to fire everyone. The wiscosin cities association has said Walker’s tools (ie the collective bargaining part of the “Emergency” Budget Repair Bill that has passed) only covers 60% of the gap he is creating with the budget cuts. This legislation I believe also includes a No Property Tax increase mandate.. so they are screwed and what happens if the collective bargaining law fails.. 100% of the cuts are not covered.

    Very concerned about lobbying violations, especially since Julia Taylor revealed on the tape that the Great Milwaukee Committee (aka Smart Government Inc.) had already been meeting with Walker, legislators and members of legislative committees. NO LOBBYING ACTIVITY is reported by Smart Government Inc.

    Who are these legislators, county executives and mayors that were being lobbied by the Greater Milwaukee Committee ake Smart Government Inc ?

    • Thanks for your comments – exactly, it seems this is one piece of a much larger puzzle, which we have had to struggle to get information about. I would very much like to know who is being lobbied, and what has (and is) being said. To that end, I’ll be filing an open records request for some specific politicians regarding their communication to and from Smart Government Inc. Again, the tragic part is we have enough money to NOT negatively impact the average Wisconsinites lives. I re-iterate – Walker is a puppet. He has no original ideas for governing this state. Only those fed to him by his handlers.

      thanks for reading – stay tuned.

  2. All these budgetary and fiscal wranglings have very little ability to overcome the psychological and mathematical pressures that our present form of money unjustifiably imposes upon the people. So when all the arguing is done there is still a shortage or the feeling of shortage, since the money system is based on Debt but only supplied in the amount of the principle yet owed back as principle plus interest. The mathematical imposibility of this system is starting to be more widely recognized, but so long as the conversation focuses on the spending and budgeting of money without questioning the form or the origin or the locus of control of the money supply itself or even the very notions people have as to the definition, utility, and purpose of money I am afraid the money mongers will continue to successfully pressure whole populations into many things. The questions are really: What IS Money? Who gets to issue it? What form will it Take? How shall it be regulated? How can it best serve the People and the economy as a whole and not just a bunch of bankers? Those who are studying these things are suggesting taking the power to create money out of the hands of the private bankers (including the Fed) and returning it to the Treasury Department.
    If the need for money springs from the work people do that then requires a certain amount of money to be in circulation for the transactional utility to trade the work of the people why are We The People borrowing this tool into existence instead of supplying it as the term Money Supply designates. We have to be insane to impose a debt burden on ourselves to have the very tool necessary for the entire economy to run. Today we are actually putting the cart before the horse by being beholden to private bankers from whom we must borrow our Debt Based Money before we even go to work, when in fact, we could do as the colonists and go to work and then determine the amount of Debt Free Currency needs to be in the system in order to facilitate all that economic activity. It is time we all held elected representative accountable for the insanity of handing over the Sovereign Right to issue our currency to private bankers, and it is time we held ourselves accountable for going along with the growth in Debt that has resulted for almost the last 100 years of this itteration of our use of this kind of system. American history has shown that from the time of the American Revolution till 1913 we had thrown the bankers out of the currency issue business several times. It is time we did it again. Here are some resources and materials that all must study if this mess is going to turn around:
    “Money As Debt” on youtube

    There is a reason Usury is outlawed by every religious tradition on the planet. It is time that the Churches, Temples, Mosques, and other religious Halls resonate with one voice against the tyranny of Usury and give their people clear understandings of the definition of and effects of Usury when the very Money Supply itself is Based in Debt. It should be preached from every pulpit that when currency is issued as bonds the people are in Bondage!

    Until we get out of the community wide delusion that Money = Debt there is no getting away from the rest of the insanity that ensues. Monetary policy and the issue of currency was instituted by the Founders as a Sovereign Right of the People to issue and regulate as a public tool for their Free Enterprise System. Until we return to the general knowledge of the utilitarian aspect of money as a tool for the real economic activity that results in real wealth (not just accumulated currency or false claims on bonds) we are all condemned to hand over the very real wealth of our No Longer Free Enterprise and the natural resources of this country and the world to those whom our government has handed over the Sovereign right to issue our currency. The rest of the equation as we seem to have forgotten is this: Money = Debt = Slavery.

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