Waukesha County – History repeats (and doesn’t repeat) itself

After reviewing election results for Waukesha County in prior elections, I noticed a strange pattern – but only in some of the elections. One of the leads I was following was actually posted by another blogger. Part of the controversy surrounding  Kathy Nickolaus lies in the 2006 election, results seen here: http://www.waukeshacounty.gov/uploadedFiles/Media/List_Documents/County_Clerk/2006_Official_Election_Results/Official_Election_Combined_Summary_Nov20_2006.LST

The total number of ballots cast is reported as 156,804. If you add the number of votes in the highly contested AG race between JB VanHollen and Kathleen Falk, the vote totals equal 174,047. Yes, a difference of over 21,000 votes. As we all know Kathleen Falk lost by less than 9,000 votes. Looking further, the results for 2008 show NO vote total – only totals for each election. Interesting. I called Ms. Nickolaus’ office and requested clarification of how that could be – how can more votes be cast in an individual race than in the entire election. I awaited a response, and emailed the information to Michael Haas at the GAB. Mr. Haas called me back and stated it was indeed unusual, and that he was forwarding the information on to the staff attorneys involved in the Waukesha Co inquiry, and that the current election resolution took precedent. Understanding, I continued digging. What about other counties? Washington county is one of the most conservative in the country, so I looked at their 2006 election results, shown here:

Washington cty 2006

As you can see – all the numbers add up nice and clean. Generally speaking, less people vote in individual races as in the entire election – but those totals cannot possibly surpass the total amount of votes cast in the entire election. Follow me? “Cards cast” is the total ballots; each race has its own vote total, achieved by adding all the votes cast in that ticket. In no case (2004, 2006, 2008) in Washington County does the single ticket total exceed the total votes cast in the election. And yes, that includes absentee ballots. One more, just to be safe – Ozaukee County 2006, seen here: Ozaukee cty 2006  The same thing as Washington County – all the numbers add up very cleanly.  The total votes cast in the election never exceeds the total votes in each individual ticket.

The plot thickens – early Wednesday, Kathy Nickolaus changed her election outcomes as posted on her website. The 2006 election in question now has an asterik next to it, with the explanation that the individual race totals may be higher than the total ballots cast due to a “portion of the results entered by hand.” Fine, I called her office and left another message in detail (third in as many days) requesting an explanation of “entered by hand” (absentee?). I was informed she was in with the GAB and was unavailable the rest of the day. The next step was to look for a pattern in previous elections. If a consistent pattern existed, then her explanation was plausible – perhaps they were late-entered absentee ballots not counted by machine. I delved further. 2008, 2009, and 2010 elections summaries no longer report a total number of votes cast. This is strange and disturbing, as every other county election summary clearly displays the total ballots cast. The next prior year was VERY interesting.

April 2007, seen here: http://www.waukeshacounty.gov/uploadedFiles/Media/List_Documents/County_Clerk/2007_Official_Election_Results/Official_Election_Combined_Report_April03_2007.lst

There is a total ballots cast of 72,367. The total number of votes cast in the Supreme Court election is under 72,000. That follows the normal election pattern from other counties.

April, 2005 : http://www.waukeshacounty.gov/uploadedFiles/Media/List_Documents/County_Clerk/2005_Official_Election_Results/Summary_Report_Apr5_2005.lst

Total ballots cast 62,619. Total for School Superintendent (Underheim/Burmaster), 58,012. Again, a normal pattern.

Finally, a more hotly contested election for which ballot totals are reported, November, 2004: http://www.waukeshacounty.gov/uploadedFiles/Media/List_Documents/County_Clerk/2004_Official_Election_Results/Summary_Report_Nov2_2004.lst

In the Presidential  Election (Bush/Kerry), 231,031 ballots were cast. The number of votes for the Presidential ticket totaled 230,363. The predictable outcome. But disturbing. After 2007, Kathy Nickolaus stopped posting cast ballot totals. In addition, the normal election patterns seen in 2004 – early 2007 (with the single exception of the 2006 election – which greatly benefitted JB VanHollen) were broken beginning in that key 2006 election, and are very difficult to track down based on her offices restricting information.

Does Kathy Nickolaus and the Wisconsin GOP powers expect us to accept that there were no ballots hand entered prior to the 2006 election – and that tens of thousands of these “hand entered ballots” suddenly started appearing in 2006 to benefit Republican candidates? Has the practice of posting election vote totals stopped as a way to stop easy access to election outcomes?

These questions HAVE to be answered. Now. The broken pattern followed by a new disturbing pattern of secrecy and unexplainable vote totals require an election fraud inquiry. If you thought something was odd before, this should make you furious – it does me. Share this information, and call the US Attorney’s office to demand an investigation. With JB VanHollen benefitting from the 2006 election, I don’t see him stepping up to the plate. One day longer.


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