Ramona Kitzinger Statement requires little comment or explanation

A quick post this morning…the conduct of The Waukesha county Clerk in regard to Ms. Kitzinger is in itself a fraud. Whether or not election fraud is uncovered in the ongoing investigation by the GAB (and hopefully soon the Feds), Ms. Nickolaus deserves every ounce of scrutiny from EVERY possible agency involved. Ms. Kitzinger’s statements show clear contempt in regard to an open process of elections and canvassing on the part of Ms. Nickolaus. I invite you to read her statement, and imagine the consequences of a Republican Canvasser making this claim against a Democrat Clerk in Milwaukee or Dane County.

Enough said. Read her letter, and share it with everyone. Then continue to hold elected officials accountable by voting, and insisting that elections be fair and open.

Ramona Kitzinger statement


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