The Constitution lives…for now, and Open Records Request

As if her first amended order wasn’t enough, Judge Sumi this morning issued the following clarifying order declaring WI Leg Act 10 not enacted under the law:

In response, the Administration fell back from its previously held opinion, agreeing to stop enacting the “law”:

So for now, The Walker Administration is following the judge’s order, and honoring the Judicial Authority set forth in the Constitution.  With hearings resuming tomorrow, the thought of being held in contempt certainly was the deciding factor. We will soon find out the effect of the Open Meetings Law on this legislation, and whether or not the GOP will begin to understand the meaning of Democratic Process. Needless to say, it will be another eventful Friday. The events of late certainly underscore the importance of the election next week. Get out and vote, and make sure your friends and neighbors do the same – we are seeing the result of a relaxed attitude toward excercising our right to vote. Several previous posts have addressed the Constitutionality of Walker/Fitzgerald’s actions, feel free to share links and ideas – knowledge is power.

In another story, I have filed Open Records requests with the Governor’s Office and the DOJ for information regarding the nature of “Security Personnel” seen in this video:

This video has been widely viewed, and we need to know who these plain clothed “personnel” are. I have ruled out one prominent Security Firm, and several local Law Enforcement Agencies. That leaves very few options. I will keep updating progress here as information is made available, as we have a right to know whether or not Private Security have been bought and paid by taxpayer expense in a questionable role.

For now, keep fighting, stay informed, and On Wisconsin!


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