Constitutional Civics Class to convene in Judge Sumi’s Court

On Tuesday morning Judge Sumi’s court will reconvene in the hearing of Dane County v. State of Wisconsin. If the separation of powers under the Constitution is to be upheld, expect a strong rebuking of the actions taken last week by the Walker Administration and Scott Fitzgerald to happen in her courtroom.

The Temporary Restraining Order set down clearly intended to prevent the law from moving forward – which Scott Fitzgerald ignored, and the Walker Administration has set out through their words AND actions to execute. The ruling by Judge Sumi was not set aside by the Appeals Court, nor did the Supreme Court choose to take the case. The result – the judicial branch, under authority of the Constitution can and did prevent a potentially illegally constructed and “passed” law from taking effect. A law which has drastic consequences for thousands of Wisconsinites, and the State.

The Republicans following Scott Walker over the cliff, like lemmings into the sea can posture all they want – the law applies to everyone. In their single-minded attempt to co-opt power, they have ignored a very important part of the equation. The people. The people who lived and died to create a document that guarantees even the minority has rights and liberties. They forgot the Constitution and the idea embodied therein. Their lesson in civics should, and I think will, begin in the Dane County Courthouse tomorrow morning.

Keep up the fight, keep up your spirits, stay peaceful – Forward!


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