Truth about Walker’s emails

Just a quick post to update a previous story regarding the emails that swamped Scott Walker the week of February 11th, as obtained by the AP and Isthmus through FOIA lawsuit. The Isthmus had reviewed, through the Center for Investigative Journalism at UW Madison, a random sampling of almost 2,000 emails. They concluded that the Governor had received a majority of emails in favor, with many of those coming in from out of state. The AP article cited here reviewed a greater number (26,000) of emails, and accounted for the timing of the emails. It is key to note that in the early days of the emailing – when Wisconsinites were first finding out about the nature of Walker’s “Budget Repair Bill” – the emails were overwhelingly (5-1) against Walker’s plan. It was not until Walker took the podium addressing the state that the tide turned, and closed the gap. The end result was about 55-45 in favor. One certainly has to wonder, also, if there was an organized email campaign in support since the trend shifted so dramatically, and simultaeneously. Look for more updates as these emails are analyzed, and a later posting here today.


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