How We, The People, Prevail

It has become sadly apparent what we are dealing with. A Governor and leaders in both State Houses with allegiance not to the people or Constitution they took an oath to uphold and defend – but to the highest bidder. Recent numbers from the State of Wisconsin show that in the last election cycle, Corporations outspent Labor 12 to 1. We are experiencing the effects of two significant events from the last election – first, the unfettered influx of this corporate money thanks to the misguided Supreme Court decision in Citizens United. Second, the inability of the Democrats to inspire their base to vote. The turnout during the protests of the last month would have been unimaginable during the election. We all fell asleep. But we have awakened, now. And we know the game that is being played with our lives, and our liberty. Our Republic is no longer that, it has devolved into a corporate state:

We all know it, and we know who Scott Walker is, and what he stands for. But people everywhere – some of whom didn’t vote in the last election – are turning out in droves to make their voices heard. Even if he doesn’t listen – others are. And we have learned what Scott Walker stands for, as in this video of protestors being stopped by Walker’s Private Security force at the entrance to the Risser tunnel 

Yes – he hired private security to prohibit access in a public area. He has thrown away 50 years of progressivism in one week. But THAT is why we must, and will prevail in moving Wisconsin Forward. This energy is our last and best hope for countering the seemingly endless money and power of corporate giants like the Koch Brothers. When this happens in Washington DC, you know people are starting to pay attention

So, stay alert, stay peaceful, and stay together – this is about all of us.


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