Public Sector Wages, part 2

EPI wage study

Now the facts. This Economic Policy Institute study was done at Rutgers University, and it shows very clearly that Public Sector Employees are underpaid – yes, underpaid compared to their private sector counterparts. Here is the important part of the study – pay attention here – this study was done correctly! Fox New, The McIver Institute, Scott Walker and Fitzgeralds triumvirate can mislead and miquote data all they want, because at face value, it would appear that Public Sector benefits are the deal breaker. They are not – in fact, read the conclusion to this study. The study controlled for education level, BENEFITS (incl. paid time off, pension, benefits, etc.), length of work week. The conclusion is that Public Sector employees are underpaid by about 8%.  The ONLY category that is an exception is for non-degreed workers.

This needs to be widely circulated – as this is one of the foundations of the policies being touted to restore fiscal responibility. It obviously is not – it is an attempt to create class warfare within the middle class. Feel free to share and inform.


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